Friday, January 13, 2012

cold. as in freezing. so help me.

A running joke through our area right now is, "Oh, you mean it's not supposed to be 60 degrees in January?" It's really felt like April for the past few weeks - definitely southern weather for ya!

But today...I am cold. My fingers are cold and get windchill when I'm practicing piano or typing, my nose is cold, my feet are cold - even buried inside my new Christmas tree fuzzy socks. *shivers* I don't know what temperature it is outside, but it's definitely not sixty.

It's definitely a peppermint mocha day. Maybe a *two* peppermint mocha day. That would help my fingers for sure!

Moving on.'s a question that I need help with: I have a pretty steady flow of school work that I have to do from now until May-ish. I will be busy, but not overwhelmed. Spanish starts up on Tuesday, I have economics, worldview, government, math, science, literature, and finance all to work on. I also have piano to focus *very* hard on this month and February - after that, not so much. In other words, I'm busy - but really only until the end of February. Then it's pretty average.

That's the background. Savvy? Now for the build-up:

I've loved theater since I was six. I did two plays with two different groups here in town while I was in elementary school, one church play when I was eleven, and then directed two homeschool productions and one church production since. I've taken private voice lessons, sung in choir, taken ballet, etc. But all years ago.

It's probably a good thing I haven't gotten back into theater - it's not the most....godly of all industries. But it is great fun, and I've secretly missed it all these years. (that explains the acting out all the musicals upstairs when no one's around)

But now, I have this opportunity that's come up. I have until early February to sign up for a local production of The Sound of Music with a group I've worked with before. They're really neat people and put on *very* good shows. Anyone can be in them, you only audition for main parts. I think it would terrificly, fantasticly fun. it a good idea? I mean, I'm trying to wrap up school, I have a lot other things going on. But rehearsals for the musical don't start until it wouldn't conflict with piano. Rehearsals are either Sunday or Thursday nights - no problem, we're already in town both nights. But would it be too much????

I really don't know.

And, in case you were wondering, I haven't really talked about it much with Dad or Mama. I just don't know if they'd think I was crazy or not. It's just been so long since I've done anything like this.....

ANYway. That's me problem. (talkin' like a pirate)

You know what? I'm happy that the only "problem" I have right now is trying to decide whether to do a musical or not. *hehe* Oh, the silly little things that take up our brain space!!! Sometimes I wonder how old I really am.

*happy sigh* Life is Good.

(but still cold :D)


  1. It's cold where we are too - we actually got our first *sticking* snow! :)

    Peppermint mochas couldn't be better than peppermint hot chocolate (personal favorite). XD


  2. I would say......go for it. You may end up regretting not signing up and to me it sounds like you really want to do this. Hope whatever our decision is it will be the write one for you!

  3. *gut reaction* You would be nuts not to do it! I mean THE SOUND OF MUSIC! The only thing that would be better is Phantom or Les Mis!!!

    Well, now that I've got that off my chest, I'll give you my advice. (And remember: you asked for it. Kinda.) Remember last spring I was agonizing about whether to play with the high school soccer team? I was already overwhelmed with school and would be giving up my afternoons for six days a week for three months. It took me forever to decide, and there were some tears in the process. I realized that I would not be able to read, sew, play the piano (much), or have as much free time I was used to. But I did it, and I am not scarred for life. In fact, I loved it. I'm doing it again this spring, when I have an even bigger school load, plus a trans-oceanic move to deal with.

    So, knowing myself, and knowing that in many things I am a lot like you, I would say do it. (as long as your parents are on board with it.) I'm pretty sure you won't regret it if you do, and probably will if you don't.

    There. That's my advice, given as freely as Rachel Lynde's. I hope mine was more agreeable and pertinent. :P

  4. Question! OG, do you want my mature, responsible answer or not? *grins* :)

    Love ya...

  5. (because I have a not so mature, responsible answer too :P)

  6. know what? i'll email you this afternoon, ok? :) we need to talk about your blog design anyway...

  7. {Kezia} - I hope so too! Prayer is going into this, believe me.

    {Katy-Anna} - MY GUT REACTION TOO!!! Ugh. I know that if I don't do it I'll always wish I had...but I don't want to be inconvient to the rest of my family, or have the distraction from school. I'm leaning towards the plunge...but then again, I have to make sure at least Dad is willing let me jump :) I'll say it'll provide lots of extra driving time required as part of Driver's Ed *cackle*

    {Nana} - sounds like you're having the same kind of day I am *evil laugh* One of those toss-maturity-out-the-window sort of days :) xoxo

  8. {Bree} - Soooooo jealous of your snow! We've gotten all of 15mm this season...and none stuck. Blah.

  9. I wish i could act! I <3 it (even though i've barely done any :P). I say if you can possibly make it happen, do it. We've tried to convince Mom and Dad to let us be in plays for years. And we've never really succeeded. :P But really. Then at least we'd have a good excuse to go and see it. :D


  10. I think it would be nice to join in the play for The Sound of Music and since the actual rehersals don't start until after the 'busyness of school' is over, I think you could do it! See with your parents though (real grown-up's mature answers always turn out to be best, I promise!) and also pray about it :). That's my two cents worth opinion. What part would you audition for?

    Oh, we're quite WARM here in Australia where I live... but Peppermint mochas (or chocolate) sound delicious any time of the year, hot or cold!

    Blessings in Christ,