Tuesday, January 3, 2012

dreams of the future

y'all are probably tired of me saying, "2012 is going to be awesome" or "it's going to be the best year of my life" or other things along those lines. and i can make you even more annoyed if i tell that you that i don't know why the previous statements are true, and even if i had an idea, i wouldn't tell.

2011 was a growing year. a big growing year. many of y'all will remember when our friend tommy went to be with Jesus last march. that was very hard. very hard. it rearranged my priorites and how i viewed my life. it's actually a little scary how much i changed in just three short days.

we also did swim team for the first time in five years. it was exciting, and eye-opening, and fantastic. everyone thought i was older than sixteen, i got to coach and swim, and a made a whole new slew of friends.

i watched the one year anniversary of getting my driver's permit slip by in may...and then the year-and-a-half anniversary in november...and the two year anniversary is coming up....and still no license. i've become a better driver for sure, but this whole license thing is starting to get on my nerves. esepcially when friends younger than me already have theirs....*sigh*....such is life.

this year has also been an emotional rollercoaster, for undisclosed reasons. lets just say that day dreams that were cute when you were twelve and thirteen take on a whole new face when they are still in the back of your semi-consciousness at sixteen and seventeen. courage to win. even when *melodramatic singing* the phantom of the opera is here inside my mind *coughing* (sorry....remember?  i listened to the whole soundtrack yesterday :P) but i'm seeing all of this as a reminder that i'm still young, God is still shaping me (and my friends), and i need to let Him plan my future - not me.

oh, 2011. you gave me les miserables. for that, i will be forever grateful. i also listened to that soundtrack yesterday, and was surprised to have tears spring to my eyes and even spill over when the first chords of the overture sounded. the memory of the experience stayed with me during the entire time i listened to it, and i felt the same joy and sadness i felt at the actual show when the finale ended and i realized i was alone again in a theater box and cosette and marius and valjean had left me. i cried a little then because i was afraid i would forget the show too quickly...time has shown that false - thank goodness!

oh, 2011. you were good to me. actually, let's correct that: God was good to me in 2011.

looking ahead now to 2012....

i have a lot things i want to do, and i also have a few goals. i don't really do new year's "resolutions" per se, but goals and things-i-want-to-do are fun:

get my driver's license

graduate high school

learn to swing dance

make at least two more dresses for my "real-life" wearing wardrobe

go on a missions trip (or two...)

read the Bible in 90 days

get my quota of push-ups-i-can-do-at-once up to at least thirty (right it's at ten...blahhhh)

i've been thinking a lot about the quality of life i'm living. about how blessed i am. how much i have. and how much most people don't. y'all, my heart's been prodded this past six months. i'm tired of just being a Christian. i'm ready to go out and do. romania, nicaragua, uganda, ethiopia, china, and here in the united states.....the harvest is sooo great.

i'm really excited :)




  1. I can only do 10 (correct, anyway) push ups at once too! Some of my friends are reading the whole Bible every month for a year. I seriously don't think I can do it with the amount of school and extra curriculurs I'm doing, but even if I don't make the deadlines, it will be a blessing!

    I'm looking forward to making some "real life" dresses too.

  2. Would those push-ups be *real* push-ups or *girl* push-ups? I also want to get up to thirty (the real kind), but can't do any at all because my wrists can't take it.

    2012 is going to be fantastic. I also have been feeling ready to strech myself (a.k.a. do hard things) and can't wait to see what this year holds in store.

  3. Love the post, Jo! Thanks for it...Our family and our church is reading the whole Bible in one year. I really want to go to Ethiopia too!

  4. Ah! I totally understand how frustrating it is not to have a drivers license yet...I'm still without even my permit. :/ I /think/, though, that I'll be able to skip the permit completely if I wait until after my 18th birthday, but I'm not really sure that I want to do that.

    Happy New Year, my friend! God bless you!

  5. I'll come on the missions trip, too, Jo!!! :)

    Can't WAIT to see what God has in store for 2012......


  6. Looking for a place to go for a short term mission trip? I suggest you try China and help out at the New Day Foster Home (that is, if mercy missions is what you're looking for). While you're at it, spend some time visiting my cousins. They'd love it! Meanwhile, don't forget that the harvest truly is plentiful, even in the States.

    See you Sunday,

  7. {Katy} - Oh, *real* push-ups! Are you kidding!?!? I can do like a hundred girl push-ups :D

    {Andrew} - Actually, it's looking like New Day is a *very* feasible possibility for me this year. I would absolutely *love* to go, and with the church behind me, it would be very easy. (!!!!!!!!) :)