Thursday, January 19, 2012

inspiration // ragtime

I'm always looking for musicians to inspire me to higher levels of music. I found another one yesterday, and subsequently am over the moon and on the piano more often than not. :)

Current project: Weeping Willow Rag by Scott Joplin

After *several* very unsatisfactory videos watched, I found this ragtime musician who played it the way I hear it my head - definitely a win.

Meet: Wesley Reznicek from Missouri.

He reminds me uncannily of another musican friend of mine (playing style and dressing-up wise). Strange, because that friend has never played ragtime. Hm.

And of course, I wanted to see if he had any more videos. Piano-wise, there's nothing more that I love than ragtime played I enjoyed the thirty minutes I spent watching Wes play rag after rag....

Definitely inspired. 


  1. O.o You're a lot like far I have Emily Bear, Umi Garrett, and Anna Larsen as far as inspiration goes... :)

    I was also invited last night to be someone's piano accompaniment in districts! 8)

  2. I love ragtime! I was supposed to be learning one, the Entertainer, but haven't worked on it as much as I should. Probably simple enough for someone like you, but for me, it's hard, and I can't get up to tempo yet. :( (I have only learned things by dvd/book.) Someday I hope to get a real piano teacher. I love piano music, and really want to play it well someday.

  3. Hmmm. I don't think I have ever played a Scott Joplin Rag, even though I really love them. Maybe it's time to start. :D

    FYI: whenever I hear the names Chopin or Scott Joplin, I think of you. :)