Thursday, January 12, 2012

one of those "dear" posts

Dear Sewing Project,
Boy, that was messy. Let's not do that again, okay?
I understand now that you can't make mistakes with taffeta.
Thanks for the lesson,
a girl and her seam ripper

Dear Jill,
I wish I could've known you better.
Know that you will be missed, and our prayers are with your family.
Rest in peace,
a grateful swimmer

Dear Transcript,
Who needs Science anyway?
Not me.
a belligerent student

Dear Phantom,
I'll come watch - believe me,
Wouldn't miss the Artful Dodger for the world!
Don't forget school, though.
the annoying one.

Dear Kindred Spirit,
Guess what? You'll be here to celebrate graduation!
We're waiting for the party until the fall, sort of an 18th bday thing too.
Miss you,

Dear Jacob,
You can have my pizza next time too.
In fact, let's plan on it.
not that hungry

Dear Barney,
Wanna know somethin'?
You're not just for little kids.
a member of your happy fam-uh-lee

Dear Waltz in C# minor,
We're friends now, right?
Thought so.
Next week, then.
madame no-trills

Dear Piano,
Sorry for the neglect. 
It won't happen again.
*crosses fingers*
a well-meaning musician


  1. Dear Jo: YOU JUST MADE MY DAY. *grins like crazy*
    you know who

  2. {Katy} - I like making your day :)