Saturday, January 14, 2012


We spent the morning cleaning a deer. Not as yucky as it looks, actually. I skinned one whole side pretty much on my own (with instruction by Mr. Haden) and all my fingers got were a little sticky and lightly stickled with deer hair. We now have a whole bunch of venison in the freezer. *yum*
yours truly, Leia, Luke, Titiana

I just won a battle with the printer for our Christmas letters. Let me tell you - I am heartily sick those letters. They've been lying around our house for over a month, waiting for this and that and this and that and this and that. It'll be Groundhog Day before they're out! Golly. Anyway. The final twenty letters had to be printed today - and it took me about 45 minutes. Who'd of thunk?

On a random note: this morning, my friend in Ireland offered to help me with my Irish/Dublineese. After emailing me a few video links, he informed that there actually are no rules for the accent and it's one of the hardest in the world to learn. So why am I trying? Just for fun, I guess. Thanks, Benj.

Been making myself familiar with the Oliver! soundtrack. It's an old Broadway show (from the 60s with a revival in the 80s) and very popular with high school productions. Actually, another one of my friends is going to be the Artful Dodger in his high school production next month and I'm going to see it...but uncharacteristically of me, I actually don't know the songs. So I'm learning them. Because I'm cool like that.

Alrighty....time to fold the aforementioned doggone Christmas letters and hope nothing else happens to them before they get in the mail. *cheese n bread*

Thanks for all your helpful comments about The Sound of Music. It goes before the "board of directors" (Mama, Dad, and Leia) this week....we'll see what they say :) *wink* I'm inclined to sign up, since I don't really have to work on it until March. I have a good feeling about this. (that's a quote :D)



p.s. hope the deer picture didn't gross you out. there are more where they came from - and you'll be seeing them soon *evil laugh*


  1. Not that it freaks me out or anything, but it *is* kinda disturbing to see a poor dead deer hanging upside down. I will eat meat but I do *not* need to see what happens to it before going on my plate :P's not my fault! No one in my family hunts of kills fish so, ya know...not used to it :P

    As for the letters, golly girl! Don't feel bad...some years we've been so late getting our cards out that we just skipped them that year :) We have been getting *much* better past years though.

    Hmm...Oliver? I don't think I've heard any songs from there...I'll have to look them up on YT.

    Love you!

  2. "Consider yourself - at home. Consider yourself - part of the furniture..." I love Oliver. We saw it twice in one year. Once because Ellis starred as Oliver, and once in London.

    Girl, consider yourself lucky to have your pictures printed and your letter written. We don't have our pictures printed, and there will probably not be a letter. :P

  3. Similar to Katy-Anne (whoever that is 'cause the picture looks like Truly Scrumptious), "we don't have our picture printed" (or even taken), as of now, our letter hasn't been written, and this year "there will probably not be a letter". The thing is though, that's how it's been for probably four years now. Someday maybe I'll just take over for Mom.

  4. Ethan walks by the computer and says: "Fully awesome."

    I say: "ummmm....ok....I think I would be fine with skinning it, but not eating it.....that's pushing my limit.... Maybe...."