Monday, January 23, 2012

thought processes

Sorry for the lack of paragraphical (is that word?) posts lately, and the overabundance of random sentence posts. Just comes from having a lot going on everyday, plus school, plus exciting things going on, etc. This weekend was weird 'cause Dad was gone from Friday to Sunday so we had to do church and all that without him.

It snowed some more on Saturday night! It hasn't looked this white for over a year.

We had ice on the trees until this morning, but now the world is wet and green and brown again. Oh, snow! Please stay longer next time! No matter what the local DJs say, *we* like having you around!

Oh, yes. Umm....Marie took this picture. ^^^ That's how I spent a great deal of the weekend :) Although normally I was drinking a mocha or reading a book or watching the two hundred and fifty million Stratego games that were being played on the hearth :) And of course, piano practice. (see the piano leg  near my head?) I have been having nightmares about the Minute waltz. It's an incredible piece, but I've literally had two weeks to learn it all. It needs to be done by Thursday *nervous chuckle* haha, not happening.

Over the weekend, I spent a few hours carefully setting up a new blog page. You can see it up at the top of the blog beside the other pages, or just click here. What do you think? Helpful?

Today I heard this wonderful song by the Flatts. It's been a while since I'd heard it and now of course I'm in a Flatts-ish mood. :) 

"My Wish" by Rascal Flatts

School's been alright. I've felt productive every day, so that's good. I have about eight subjects I have to finish before May - in order to do that, they all need to be worked on *everyday*. Blah. But I'm pluggin away, and I like going to bed knowing that I'm on track.

*running feet* At this very moment these three hooligans are racing around the house, passing the computer about once a minute. *shrieks from living room* Craziness. Typing and carrying on a conversation with a four-year-old about how loud one to say "boo!" in order to get someone to hear you. We found it needs to be pretty loud. Who knew, right? I like having little girls around :)

Alright. Off to make myself something warm to drink and head up to finish that school.

Happy Monday!


p.s. Brownie points to all of you who guessed correctly on friday's post. the fella is Elijah Wood [Frodo from LOTR], the movie is Oliver Twist, the character is Jack Dawkins [The Artful Dodger]

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  1. That looks like a pretty fabulous way to spend the weekend. I love the cowboy hat. ;)

    I've played the Minute Walz (note the past tense. I don't think I will ever play it again.) but I had it at 5 minute, not 1 minute speed. I cannot imagine learning it in two weeks. :P

    The Rascal Flatts are wonderful. We were introduced to them years ago hearing "Mayberry" on the radio and totally love them. I just recently excavated our "Melt" CD and put it on my iPod. Makes me look forward to the South. :)