Friday, January 13, 2012

"um" is....

...when you realize this is your second post of the day. *gulp*

...when you google a celebrity to see if they're going to be starring in a movie you're looking forward to, and the drop down list of "helpful" suggestions reveals that that same celebrity is subject to rumors about dating the younger brother of one of your best friends. I'm serious. Small world, eh? Not that I care.... *coughing*

...when this little goof-ball is gracing your desktop:

...working on a worldview paper and the kitten comes to join you. And then Kitten decides that moving, typing fingers are really awesome things to try and bite. Ouch. Kitten decides maybe he should find somewhere else to play.

...spending the rest of your day smelling like Kitten.

...making the rather decisive decision to graduate highschool, and then take a break year.

...standing in awe of the doors God opens when you just say, "Here's my life."

...looking at the next year of your life and you honestly have no idea what's going to happen - you just know it's going to be great.

...when you cry quietly to yourself as you send an email, hoping to soften in some way the grief of your coach on hearing that her best friend (also a coach) is finally at rest after battling cancer.

...the feeling of surprise at learning that the great song you heard the other day is from High School Musical *craziness*

...dreaming about cellphones.

...realizing you have about a month to finish Chopin's C# minor waltz and Minute waltz, as well as re-learn Bach's Invention No. 13 and probably a Joplin rag.

Do you know something? "um" is a very expressive word.


  1. wait wait wait wait wait. what celebrity is this?!
    -jocee <3

  2. Oh, my, Jo.... LOL, you and your thoughts certainly have been busy! :) I've been meaning to learn the MInute waltz for a long time...and C sharp minor is one of my favorites...:o

  3. {jocee} - Hmmm...*wink* the celebrity is our beautiful Taylor Swift. :)

    {trini} - From playing the fast part of the C# minor, the overall speed of the Minute *as well* as a brutally fast Invention, my poor right hand is cramping badly.

  4. Awh! I LOVE the fast part of C# minor! I actually heard Emily Bear *cough* playing it and I learned it mainly because of the fast part! :)) I must admit that Bach is not one of my favorite composers, so when my teacher tells me that I'll have to work on his pieces...boy, oh boy. (She plans to have me start Chopin's "Revolutionary Etude" soon *gulp*!)

    And TAYLOR SWIFT? Seriously? I am not a huge fan of hers, but some of my friends certainly are...WHOA!

  5. {trini} - The Revolutionary Etude is *really* hard. Another hand-cramper :) I love the C# of the favorites I've learned.
    I love Taylor Swift. I don't listen her to very much, but I know all the lyrics to her songs and follow her enough to be considered a fan :) *grin*

  6. That's a sweet post, obviously you're quite busy! What instrument do you play, Jo? I play the violin and am learning a violin concerto by Seizt, which is quite challenging!

    Blessings in Christ,

  7. that's SO weird b/c I was looking up taylor swift today also.... =P