Sunday, February 19, 2012

dearest walter with hardboiled egg

Yesterday I left the house fully expecting to get the competition, listen to my friend and few competitors play, and then play my piece at my scheduled time: 10:42am.

Well, we got there about two minutes after my friend started, so we had to wait outside the door. While we were waiting, one of the adorable older ladies who runs the competition came up to me and said, "Dear, we've had a cancellation right here - would you like to play instead?" As in, next. I had literally been in the building for two minutes, expecting to play in an hour. So I stood there, listening to the familiar, rather comforting, chords of Chopin's Military Polonnaise through the door, and heard the seconds ticking away in my head as I had to make that rather quick decision. My hands were warm, they weren't wet or sweaty or gummy, my adrenaline was up, but I wasn't nervous. I heard myself say, "Sure."


So when Dodger came out, I was "ready." Five minutes later, I went in. And introduced myself. And played. And I didn't have to start four times (yes!) and C# waltz flowed right, and the was good. I didn't win, but I'm pleased with my performance and SO SO glad to have it behind me.

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Mark Lester as Oliver Twist
At noon, my aunt took me out on my "birthday lunch." We went to our fantastic local Mediterranean restaurant, then to Barnes and Noble (where I went bonkers and came out with three new books: Selected Works of O. Henry, Oliver Twist, and Pygmalion And Other Plays by George Bernard Shaw). Then we headed off to her house to watch the 1968 version of Oliver! - which I am now in love with. Jack Wild is beyond adorable.

That night, back at home, my inbox was alive with conversations going back and forth between myself and fellow friends/competitors as we discussed our performances and how we did. Personally, I think we all did great, and showed well.

And today I was feeling a little in the dumps when I got an email from the casting director for TSOM giving age and height requirements for each "VonTrapp" child for the callbacks...and I'm one inch "too short" for Liesl. Ouch. So there goes that. BUT, then I got an email from her saying that she's calling me back anyway. So here we go again :) One more shot...and I'd better make it worth it, yes?

It's snowing right now, the world is a regular winterwonderland. I'm feeling a little less-than-well due to other stuff, so I'm not outside, but the kids are and "having a marvelous time." And I'm inside, with the fire blazing away, wearing a cozy sweater, reading my new books, pinning, and dreaming. It's a Fine Life! :)



p.s. If you're wondering about the title, it's the punch line from one of my favorite O. Henry stories: "Springtime a la Carte". Read it.


  1. Aww, man! I prayed for you at the wrong time!! :( Don't worry, though...i prayed for you on Friday night too. :D

    You must've been great if the lady called you back! Can't wait to hear what you get! (and to go and see it myself to find out just quite how amazing you are :P)

    Finally snow! I have been taking advantage of the 'bad weather'. Starting with, I can't go to practice tomorrow morning...'cause the weather's too it got canceled. :D Yep. I love snow. ;)


  2. Sounds fun. My hands sometimes get sweaty when I'm nervous,but I always shake which is bad for me since I play the violin. : /
    I'm glad you did well,sorry you didn't win,but at least you know you did your best. =)

  3. Yay for Jo! *cough cough applause, cough cough applause* I'm so glad you did well, and I gave a little squeak when I read that you got a callback! How indecently brilliant of them. Hope you get the part!
    P.S. I am mortally jealous of your having *two* books I've never even peeped into! :D

  4. Oh, it must have been nerve-wrecking! I'm so glad you did well at the competition =D.

    Hmm, I think maybe my sister watched this Oliver Twist version? I'll have to check with her!

    God bless,
    ~Joy @

    p.s. are you going to play Liesl still in the play?

  5. Yay Jo! I can't believe I prayed for you the wrong day. *groan* But I did pray for you all day Saturday, too. :P I'm so glad it went well.

    Barnes and Noble sounds fantastic. *stops for a moment and dreams of rows and rows of English books* I think that the first I go in there next summer I might seriously go nuts.

    If you're getting a callback even though you're an inch too short, that sounds like you made a pretty good impression. When's the second try?

  6. wow, that sounds a little like my audition story... I was the only one from my school, and the manager didn't call my school number... I had to go up to him and say, "Excuse me, isn't my audition time 9:00?" fun stuff :P But I had the *ahem* wonderful *ahem* privilege of being... first. not fun. and when I went up for my audition, the judge was standing in the hall drinking coffee. :/ but I'm sure you played amazingly! :D and wow, I didn't realize that height was such a big deal! I'm performing in a big play today, and I have two of the main roles... wish me luck! (it's a spoof on Beowulf, and one of my roles is Grendel's Mother and I'm taller than Grendel >.< haha.)

    wow... that was a long comment! :P Good luck with your audition-- Liesel is a great part... She was always my favorite :)

  7. O. Henry is brilliant. Love "Springtime a la Carte". We have a collection of his stories I've read many times over the years. And now I have all his stuff download on my Kindle :D

    So glad to hear you did well...but I knew you would.

    Love you,