Monday, February 6, 2012


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Right now, I feel like every single day of my life is about priorities. And even if I try to ignore them, they dictate every action during the day. And to make it simple, a priority is simply whatever you're doing right now.

Example: I'm typing a blog post. It's currently my highest priority. Practicing piano, working on school, exercising, those are all lower priorities at this exact moment.

Sometimes I get the feeling that I have TOO MANY things to prioritize. I need to work on school all day...I should pracitice piano for at least two hours's been a few days since I did any kind of real exercise. How do you know what's the *right* thing to do with your time?

Some priorities are easy. When I wake in the morning, the first thing I should is read the Bible. That's not really negotiable. If I don't do devotions first, they probably won't get done at all...and then my day is off to a bad foot. And plus, God should always be first priority.

But the next decisions are harder. Is it more important to have a Government day? Or work on my worldview paper? Or study Spanish? Even if I KNOW what needs to get done by a certain date, I may just decide to go take a shower. Put off thinking for another twenty to thirty minutes until I'm back to where I started again.

And then, after that shower, you sit down and say, "I'm really going to work hard to today." And you reach for your textbook and then, "But a nice hot cup of tea would be very helpful." So you sit there and stare at the book, debating whether to get up and go downstairs or not. What's the higher priority?

Or that school subject you REALLY don't want to do. So you do another "equally important" one instead, and say, "I'll do *that* one tomorrow. In fact, I'll ONLY work on that tomorrow and I'll even get AHEAD." Uh-huh. Yeah, *right*. Honestly? Nope.

Or in the afternoon. You have, actually, gotten quite a bit of work done. So you feel like you can rightly take advantage of your free computer time. But you know that these next two weeks are very important for your piano playing. "But I'll practice LATER. All night!" Mm hmm. Sure........

So I live each day, reminding myself every minute I get of my priorities. Praying for guidance and the diligence to keep on track. Praying against PROCRASTINATION. (oh, my favorite word)

Aaaannnnnnddddd....counting down the days till I'm done with highschool for-evah. :D

my current life theme song:
"While I'm Waiting" by John Waller


  1. I have an awful habit of procrastinating on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and the weekend. So then up comes Monday with a ton of work I have to finish by the next day...which reminds me...:P


    P. S. Definitely get that cup of tea. :D

  2. Wow Jo! It's crazy how similar sounding our lives are right now. :P I have recognized the same major area of "priorities" and one of my main prayers has been that the Lord would lead me in the right ranking of all the things that are in my world. :)

  3. Evidently, by the scarcity of "little notes", you've hit home with a few people. ; ) As such is true for me, also, let me just say "thank you" and head for Geometry.
    You speak my mind.

    The Ordinary Princess

  4. I think priorities is something everyone struggles with but especially young adults trying to make decisions as they enter the "adulthhood". At least, I am constantly working to re-prioritize where my attentions are. A good rule of thumb, is always keeping HIM #1 and then simply asking for His guidance when it comes to deciding what is really important.

    As for the song, well, I love John Waller. Have all three of his CDs memorized forward and backward and have since, um, well since "While I'm Waiting" came out :) Great theme song.

    Love ya,

  5. I totally get what you are saying. Now I have more control over my time I'm realising how hard it is to be self-disciplined and get on with the things I'm *supposed* to be doing as opposed to spending all my time on the computer!