Saturday, February 11, 2012

{four} - 70s love.

So, you think you and I have a lot in common? This one may throw you off a little :D

Due to the fact that our parents grew up in the 70s and early 80s, there is a lot of seventies influence in my music, movie, TV, style, and color tastes. It didn't rub off on all of my siblings, but let me tell you, it certainly did on me. When I hear something by John Denver, Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Diamond, Bob Marley, James Taylor, or The Carpenters, I feel like I'm being surrounded in a Daddy-Bear hug. In fact, you've already heard what I do when I see one of those type of songs on jukeboxes or aisle speakers :D

My favorite TV shows are The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, Star Trek, etc. My favorite colors are bright ones, like purple and orange and green and blue and yellow. And if we all dressed like the Osmonds, my worldly happiness would be complete. :)

come on, what's not to love!?

Now that doesn't mean that some of the lifestyles, political views, religious leanings, governments, or hippie sides of the 70s are appealing to me or my family. Believe me, the in-depth study on Korea and Vietnam I did for school last year did not leave me with a favorable impression of anti-American feel of the decade. But there is something good in every generation, and I just so happen to love the good of the 70s. :) To each his (or her) own, yes?

That said, let me show some of what I love, okay? And let's start with my favorite subject to do and discuss: MUSIC. Actually, the AM pop of the seventies is probably my favorite non-Christian/secular music genre. Period.
"Carolina In My Mind"
- James Taylor - 1968 -

"A Little Bit of Country, A Little Bit of Rock 'n' Roll"
- Donny and Marie Osmond - 1976 -

"Top of the World"
- The Carpenters - 1972 - 

"Back Home Again"
- John Denver - 1974 -

And then, thanks to Dad, I have a special place for Reggae - that happy "life is good" music. :) I'm telling you, it maybe simple or repetitive, but if you just want to "feel good"....reggae's hard to beat. (haha, literally :P) Just the rasta hair gets on my nerves :P

"Three Little Birds"
- Bob Marley - 1977 - 

"One Love, One Heart"
- Bob Marley - 1977 -

"Lion Sleep Tonight"
- Jimmy Cliff -

There are lots of others, but for the sake of your sanity, and mine, and my parents, I will refrain :D If I'm singing something and dancing around and you don't know the you'll have a better guess :P

I also LOVE the style and colors of the 70s. Not the hippie style, the more normal style. Check these out:

I love peasant blouses - I had quite a few when I was about ten or twelve, but then I outgrew them. This summer will change that :)

I'm one of those weirdos who actually like different colored/pattern bellbottoms - maybe they'll be back in style soon! haha. Not likely.

And isn't it splendid that American Girl just released a new historical doll in 2010...Julie, 1974.

Sweet outfits, no?

And this brings me to another of the things I love about the seventies:
Donny and Marie Osmond
Let me say that I CANNOT get enough of their matching outfits. They are absolutely fantabuilistic. Very seventies, and very cool. And because the Osmond family is such a "squeaky-clean" bunch with a great image and a great family...I feel I have "leave" to like them :D

"The Umbrella Song" - on the Donny and Marie show- 1974-79 ( probably around age 18 & 16 here)
It's hard to see exactly here, but I love the way they look at each other when they sing - sibling groups are the best. Too fun :D

But the 70s didn't just produce good pop music or teen idols (*cough*), there was Christian music breakthrough as well.

Keith Green, sometimes considered the "father of modern Christian worship music", was preforming and composing in the late 70s and early 80s. His is a beautiful story of grace and redemption and God's pursuing love. Sadly, he died in 1982 in a plane crash at the age of 28 (along with two of his four children). But his music lives on, and his songs remain some of my favorite praise songs.

Oh, Lord, You're Beautiful
-Keith Green-

There is a Reedemer
- Keith Green - 

So, boggled yet? Hehe. Told you these would be a little unusual :) But lest you worry, I think it's very important that Christians select their music carefully and not listen to anything that will arouse emotions or feelings that contradict God's will and desires and even His law.

Anyway - you have no idea what a fantastic time I had writing this up. I love sharing fun things with y'all that I love.




  1. Did you know that this is actually your 4th love post?
    Number 3 was the Coca Cola one!

  2. Well you know I am an 80's girl but that's probably because that's when my parents grew up :) And their music and TV shows were so much better. Their clothing and hair were just as bad as the 70's (sorry, Jo, but it's true:P), but other then that their spirit and music is to die for. Except for Michael Jackson. Blah.


  3. I cannot join you in your 70s or 80s love - yet. Nineties isn't much better. If I had to choose a favorite, it might be 70s, but I have a hard time getting over the hair. Despite that, I love Little House, and venerate Keith Green. It's sad that he died so young, but he probably wasn't disappointed. He couldn't "...wait to get to Heaven," remember?

    The Ordinary Princess

  4. I really like John Denver's music. And Star Trek (although sometimes... it's a little weird). :) I love the peasant blouses and tiered skirts, too.

  5. I really like Keith Green too. My Dad has 2 albums of his. (The silver one and the gold one if you know what I'm referring too.) Just wanted to let you know.