Friday, February 10, 2012

{three} - coke love.

Well, not exactly any kind of coke love. 

Classic Coke love. Classic Coke in Glass Bottles love.
Pinned ImageCoke
...."Enjoy life" [1923]......"Thirst asks for nothing more" [1938]....."Passport to Refreshment" [1945].....

My parents drink coke - have for as long as I can remember. And even though they may not drink it as often as they used to and we don't buy it as often....that doesn't mean *we* don't like it :) (hehe, sorry Dad.)

When we went to SC this last summer, we stopped in the little pharmacy that Mama used to go to when she was little. We had Coca-Cola In Glass Bottles there, and I'm never going to be able to take plastic bottled coke seriously again.
...."Be really refreshed" [1959]....."Look for the real things" [1974].....

Glass is the only way to go.
It transports me back to another time.....

......."Red White & You" [1986]....."Open Happiness" [2009]....

Maybe it's a Southern thing. 


  1. :D I love glass bottles! :D But You're talking to a Pepsi girl here, as far as the actual soda goes...pity, because the Coke logo and all those fabulous vintage signs are the bomb. :D

  2. Oh, I love glass bottles! So vintage and classically American. :) Plus, when it comes to soft drinks, Coca Cola is by far the best . . . everything else just doesn't taste the same.

    Love ya,
    Elizabeth Rose

  3. Jo, you're awesome. Coke is THE BEST! And those glasses rock! I love 'em too. I have 2 Coke shirts and 1 Coke glass bottle, 1 Coke glass (you know the ones that are skinny at the bottom, wide at the top and sort of curvy), and 1 regular Coke glass. You and I must be twins. LOL


  4. I love the glass, vintage Coke bottles, even though my family and I don't drink Coke at all since it is really bad for your health!

    But I LOVE drinking soda water from those cute glass bottles =D.

    Lots of love,

  5. I love everything about classic coke. The glass bottles, the red, the logo, the taste... We practically never drink soda (maybe three or four times a year), but whenever I get a coke it makes me happy. Especially if it's in a glass bottle and I get to keep the cap.

  6. Glass bottled coke! I've never had it before, I I want to so much, it might even be on my bucket list. :)


  7. I have had all of one coke in my whole life and that was when we were in Disney this past November :) We were at Target and they were selling Coca-Cola in class bottles and the bottles were so cute we had to try it out.

    Truth be told, I despise the taste of any sort of soda (way too much sugar and chemical flavor) but that is probably because I have never gotten used to it, being raised on a natural diet. It's funny because I don't even really enjoy lemonade and stuff...I would much rather a glass of water or select juices with breakfast.

    All that said, I still have to admit that there is a charm and American spirit in Coca-Cola and the glass bottles and ads are adorable :)

    Love you,