Saturday, March 3, 2012


Last night was terrifically awesome. It was our church-wide live dessert auction/talent show/spring fling. It lasted from 6 to 10pm...and I loved every minute. I wish I had pictures - once the church puts the albums up on facebook I'll share some with y'all, but all I can say is that we had SO much dessert that everyone was stuffed - and in awe of the amazing "bakemenship" of our members! The talent was hilarious - we had everything from singing families, skits written and performed by children, a quartet, a movie, "1000 awesome things" readings, juggling, and everything inbetween. Sweet stuff.

While we were at the church, I got the long awaited email about what parts my sister and I got in Sound of Music, and I got a chance to make some choices. I could choose to be frustrated at possible favoritism casting, I could choose to be disappointed that my one (and probably only) chance to act a good "child" role has waved at me as it passed by, I could choose to be irritated about the whole thing in general. BUT, because I'm not that type of easily-depressed person, I have chosen to be EXCITED about receiving a role I can truly make my own, I have chosen to be THRILLED that I'm jumping with two feet back into this world of drama that I've missed for five years, I have chosen to DO MY the Mistress of Postulants (*grin*) and be the best leader Black Box has ever seen :) And it'll be even more fun since Titiana is the Nonnberg chorus - so we get to work together on everything. And this is the only "first time" we'll have with this group (ten years ago doesn't exactly count anymore :D), and next play we'll do even better :) Plus, the neat thing about playing a role as one of the Sisters is that I can actually use my whole voice range, and it will be more of a challenge. Definitely a role requiring a more mature voice. Cool stuff.
And just for the record, I have great friends, I really do. And even though they were all excited at the possibilities for TSOM, they are all so 100% behind me right now, that I almost cried. My church is probably going to fill up one whole show (and there are only two), so if you want to come you need to move fast :) Hehe.

Well, today is also my Daddy's 46th birthday. I cannot tell you ENOUGH how much I love that guy. It is true, we have a rough spots (seemed to have more than usual the past few months), but our relationship is SO special - I know I'm blessed. And especially now that I'm 17, and you have to start thinking about...things, I know I'm in good, strong hands. Notice I *didn't* say overprotective. :) Hehe. Anyway, Happy Birthday Daddy! I love you.

And I'm closing with the words of a song that made me cry this honest-to-goodness tears running down my cheeks type of crying. Which will sound even weirder when you find out where it's from. :)

"Once in a lifetime means there's no second chance/And I believe that you and me should grab it while we can/Make it last forever and never give it back/It's our turn and I'm lovin' where we're at/Because this moment's really all we have..."

Happy Saturday, peoples!


  1. hahahaha. High. School. Musical. (2, if you want to be precise. :p) I remember those good old days when we used to watch those things.

  2. Aww, I'm sorry you didn't get the role of Liesl, Jo. :( That's a shame — especially since I still think you'd be perfect at the part. I can understand exactly how you feel, though; just recently, I auditioned for a Shakespeare competition that was to take place in our area. Our tutorial auditioned any students who were interested, and then chose one to go on to the official competition, which was to be held at a college nearby. I felt like I did really well (for me), but perhaps not as amazing as some of the other participants. And so, when I got the e-mail the next day about who would be representing our tutorial, I was disappointed (but not surprised) that it wasn't me. I was chosen as the understudy, which was still nice, but it's not the same, you know? Anyway. Sorry for dumping all that on you right now . . . I just wanted you to know that I truly do know how you're feeling right now. I also greatly admire your determination not to wallow in sorrow or self-pity — you're far more mature than many people your age I know, and it's a credit to you. :)

    Your comment about wanting to do the best you possibly can, no matter what role you have, brought to mind a comment I saw in our "behind the scenes" book about the BBC Pride and Prejudice (yes, I know it's not your preferred edition, but *I* happen to love it :P). The girl who plays Maria Lucas (I believe her name is Lucy Davis?) originally auditioned for the role of Lydia and was naturally disappointed when Julia Sawalha received it instead. But she commented that since Maria's character is small, she had a lot of room to do with it what she wanted and really make the role a memorable one.

    I know you'll do wonderfully as the Mistress of Postulants, dear, and I really, *really* wish I could see it in person! Oh well. I'll be praying for you from a distance. :)

    Love you,

  3. Lindsey Marie - I'm so glad I haven't outgrown HSM yet...I mean, I wasn't even highschool when the first one came out (who was? :P) so I didn't "get it" as much (dancing and singing was cool, but the story...pfff) but now it means a little bit more :) Good old days....gosh I feel old. :P

    Elizabeth - Awwww...thanks dear. I wish you COULD come. We'll have pictures and videos I'm sure. And this won't be the only musical I'm ever going to do either, I've already started looking at some of the other fantastic local troupes and looking for other opportunities. Funny you should mention Lucy Davies, that was actually the story that came to mind last night :) And I'm not sure what you mean about the BBC P&P...I could watch that ALL DAY LONG forever and never be tired of it :) It's the '05 one that I don't like as much (but it's still good).

  4. Oh goodness, my mistake! I feel so silly, but I seemed to remember a post where you said you liked the '05 one and were shielding yourself from tomato-throwers. :P


  5. Cograts, Jo! So happy for you! I know you are going to be fantastic. You are so going to rock the Mistress of Postulants role :D

    And, I must say, your whole attitude about this thing is so beautiful. Proud of you, friend.

    Happy birthday to your dad! We are so blessed with wonderful fathers who watch out for us ;)

    Hehe...your first paragraph about your church's talent show reminded me of some of the stories of past talent shows you have told me. Sounds like a blast.

    Love you,

  6. I'm so glad that your church talent show was a success. :) Sounds like a ton of fun.

    I know that you will have a blast as the Mistress of the Postulates. And I really admire your spunk. (Mom wants me to remind you that Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.)

    And...that is my current favorite song. I've probably listened to it ten times in the past two days. And for once I found it all by myself without somebody else putting me onto it. That's probably a first. *pats self on the back* Even if it was you who prompted to go listen to HSM songs on YouTube. :P

  7. Jo, that's an awesome role! I am a TSOM fan too, and that's a pretty important role-- she needs to have a great voice :D I felt the same way after my "failed" audition... but in a way, i'm enjoying what i'm doing now... martial arts and theater :)

    Congratulations! :)

  8. Congrats! Even if you don't think it's all that good. Not everyone can even get that role ;)