Thursday, March 8, 2012


...Granada, un poco sur de la capital, es un mejor lugar para los turísticos. En realidad, Nicaragua es el país más seguro en Central América, y Granada es la ciudad más seguro en Nicaragua....
La Laguna de Apoyo // Catarina, Masaya, Nicaragua // via google.
I just finished up Spanish class - I gave a presentation and took the first page of a test (second is take home over spring break), got out twenty minutes early and am looking ahead to a long evening. Marie is getting contacts this afternoon (big news!), and then we're having supper at our grandparents and Titi and I have our first rehearsal this evening for The Sound of Music. And my parents are taking my waaaaay too old brother out for his "half birthday" supper. (he's NINE AND A HALF. He'll be TEN this year. Growing up on me....) A loaded day.

This week has really been insane. I've been getting school done, but I feel like time is just running out between my fingers. "Suddenly it seems like the rest of the school year is coming at us so fast." "I wish it would just stop. At least slow down." It's MARCH already...just six weeks left until mid-May...and life is happening and I'm spinning around and around in circles and I have NO idea what the world would look like when I finally stop and readjust.

Sure, despite the stress and general hecticness, there have been fun moments in the past week or so - my final piano event of the month/season (until recital and end-of-the-year stuff) Sunday afternoon, my friend-turned-big-sister Hannah's baby was born on Sunday, working preschool on Tuesday, lunch with Daddy at Waffle House, Purim meal and celebration (led by my family) with our church body last night, rehearsal tonight, and conversations about exciting Nicaragua :)
via pinterest a whole of jokes going around about me being a nun. Not only from some of my lovely girlfriends (*cough* you know who you are), and also from other friends here in town. Haha, everyone, I'm laughing. Any jokes about my story turning out like Maria VonTrapp's...or Katherine Luther's....are acknowledged and I'm laughing. LOL. ROTFL. :)

SPRING BREAK starts Monday - awesome. I was planning on taking the whole week off from everything...but with the amount of half-school days I've been having at home, it's looking I'll be working all week. :/ But I could just do five half-days and catch up, and still have some kind of break! Better not think like that, or I'll never get anything done. *moan*

So I'm pulling through. Everything always manages to turn out the way it's supposed to (imagine that!) and I'll get by just like I have through all the crazy weeks I've been through in my life: Jesus and music and love :D Our iPods and Pandora stations got used to their full capacity yesterday during meal prep for Purim, and I've been running my soundtracks almost non-stop. My life really is musical, I think. I may not be coming up with new songs on the spur of the moment, but there truly is a song for everything...and if I know it, I sing it! :)

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Love you all...have a great almost-start of the weekend!



  1. What's a Pandora station? And how was rehearsal?

  2. {Katy} - Pandora is an online radio site where you choose the genre and then they play songs they think you'll like, and you thumb up the ones you do and thumb down the ones you don't, and within a week your station becomes pretty tailored to what you like. Of course, you can make multiple stations (different genres or artists or types) as well. Leia and I are daily users :D