Monday, March 5, 2012

the rapunzel year

Some of you may have seen this in my chat status back over Christmas break, others maybe heard me mention it in passing during a conversation, or saw it in my "things I'm lovin'" list in my sidebar, or others may have no idea at all what I'm talking about. But that's okay,  you'll understand by the end of this.

I love looking forward to things - feeling the anticipation, excitement, nervousness, fear...the works. But I also love living in the moment - the emotion, joy, pain, surprise, excitement, fear...the works. And life is full of opportunities for both of those mindsets to manifest themselves. And those opportunities change every year as we get older and more mature.

Last year, I was "Sixteen Going on Seventeen"....and I may not need to say anymore than that. *grin* It was an incredible year - very exciting and fun, of course, but *full* of rollarcoaster emotional stuff and some very difficult-to-handle experiences. 100% Sixteen. But I loved that year, looking back I don't think I'd have done it differently.

"that's a lot of hair."
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Well, guess what? I had a birthday last year too. That is a funny thing about birthdays - they're kind of an annual thing. :D Anyway. I'm seventeen now. Sadly, there aren't really any songs written about being seventeen, so I didn't know what I was going to do about "naming" my year. I mean, there's the whole deal about it being Senior Year - with all it's wildness, arrogance, big plans, excitement, and sparks flying - but that wasn't quite what I was looking for. (although it is kinda fun at times) Then, over Christmas break, I figured out what I was going to call October 25, 2011-October 24, 2012: my Rapunzel Year.

I decided on that name while rocking out to the Tangled soundtrack while cleaning my room on the first real day of break. As we all know, the first "singing" song on that soundtrack is "When Will My Life Begin?" and as I listened to it for probably the 1000th+ time since last March when we bought it, I was all of a sudden struck at how similiar I felt about my life.

It's not a complaining song - it's a happy song about what you do all day...except, you kinda wish there's was a *little* something more going on. Just something. And you're not even sure what. So you just keep doing the same old, cheerfully and with your heart, but looking ahead to "when your life begins." And I cannot tell you enough how that captures my current state of mind.

What then made me decide to call this year my Rapunzel Year is that fact that I am the same age as Rapunzel. 17, almost 18. Well, her birthday is "tomorrow" and mine is October, but you kinda get the feeling that everything she sings about in that song has been happening for *at least* a year prior. And plus, pretty soon it will be October and I will be almost 18 - even though the amount of things that are going to happen to me between now and then are a little overwhelming.

Oh, it's been a great four months so far, and the next eight can really only get better! Hopefully at the end I can look back and say "it was a very good year" *grin*

Click here to watch "When Will My Life Begin"  scene from the film.


  1. Haha! :) I think of my year (I'm 17 as well) as my Rapunzel year, too! I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

  2. ahhhh, I love Tangled. and that song. I'm so glad that other people do too. Kinda the strange homeschool girl in my church. :p

  3. I love Tangled and I love your idea! Absolutely smashing. Got any ideas for someone who will turn 15 in three months? ;)

    Love ya,
    Elizabeth Rose

  4. Rapunzel year. Good way to look at it. Because that's how I feel too. Ready to begin...something.

  5. {Elizabeth} - umm....sorry to say (*awkward chuckle*) that the only song about being fifteen is that rather depressing one by Taylor.....even though it is accurate in places I wouldn't use it as your year's theme :P I'll let you know if I think of anything better :)