Tuesday, March 13, 2012

spring, spring, spring!

I am VERY happy today. And I have no idea why. I had practically no breakfast, worked preschool for three hours, had a tiny lunch, took a forty-five minute nap and listened to my ipod, washed a GARGANTUOUS load of dishes, and am now typing a blog post with prune fingers.

And I am incandesantly happy. For absolutely no reason - except maybe that Jesus loves me, it's spring break, seventy degrees, and the life is good. *grin*

And when I'm happy, I like to share the happiness with you. So it's time for a long-neglected-forever-since-I-did-this-last my favorite things post.

[all pictures via pinterest]

fruit tarts
Fresh Fruit Tart.

- my ultimate soulfood. feed me waffles and i'll love you for-evah.

looking for summer style inspirations....and floppy hats
classy 70s look.

tea parties
tea cakes

like...oh, golly. Like a lot of places.

cute bedrooms

so precious.

fancy dresses
Vintage prom dress

broadway soundtracks...as usual *grin*
I. Love. Phantom.

hair and headbands and bows

alsace, france
Alsace France

awesome quotes to make me laugh
and life is good. <3

i love those people. :)

seven brides for seven brothers
-snagged the post title from this classic musical, even though it's not spring yet *hehe*
Seven  Brides for Seven Brothers

little people learning to play piano
start 'em young!

strength that only comes from One.

the Love that keeps me going

daydreaming about all the places I want to go
I want to stand right here someday.


  1. Those pics make me so happy! After seeing that fruit tart, I want to cut out heart shaped fruit. :)

  2. Can I make you waffles? : D
    I love fancy dresses, and I love the carrots quote. I also love people who make me laugh when there not even around; you are one of them.
    And the new shape for love is perfect. God bless you today.

    The Ordinary Princess

  3. {Ordinary Princess} - You are more than welcome to make me a waffle...just be prepared for me to respond in a way that our dear Elsie may not exactly think fitting for young ladies :P