Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Here I am, April 25th. It's hard to believe six months have whizzed by so fast, and now I'm officially seventeen and a half - just six more short months away from eighteen. Do you have any idea how *fast* time flies!?! Some people say it passes one day at a time...but I find that hard to believe. *smirk*

My Half-Birthday (as we affectionally call it in the March home) finds me balancing school, drama, family, relationships, music, summer planning, Spanish exams, work, and costume sewing. In other words: LIFE. And I like it. Anyone can like anything for four and a half weeks [which is how much longer before the shackles of school will be thrown off and ¡estaré libre!] and now that the end is so close, I almost want it to slow down just a little. Well...yeah. Just a very little.

So today I have successfully knocked out two lessons of Geometry (this thorn in my side will be completed, Lord willing, on FRIDAY!), a whole weeks' worth of Health, finished a chapter of Economics, did all of Module #13 of Biology (*I deserve extra dessert for putting up with this book*) and attempted to work on part of my oral Spanish exam. Notice I said "attempt" - which evitably means a late night tonight once we get back from church.

And I have listened to my soundtrack playlist at least twice through, run my Pandora down to the wire, and have fallen in love with the Latin Spanish soundtrack of The Little Mermaid. peoples have a great afternoon - I'm off to church for our Wednesday night meal. Three cheers for church family!


  1. Wow! You did ALL THAT in ONE DAY? Yikes! A whole biology module. While, that way you can't forget anything. ;)
    Well, maybe.

  2. Yay for Jo! That's an awesome amount of schoolwork! Keep it up--you're doing a fabulous job, dear!

  3. Wow Jo! Seems like we're working on the same stuff (Geometry and Biology) And props to you for doing an entire module today! That book has some crazy long lists of definitions, doesn't it? :P

  4. You're so close, Jo — you can do it! I've got about 2 weeks of school left after this one ends, then a third week absent of schoolwork but busy nonetheless (dance recital week — between classes and dress rehearsals, I don't think I'm apt to get much sleep :P), and finally . . . summer, with all its iced tea, hot sun, and *cough* no schoolwork. :D But of course, when late August rolls around and I'm beginning my sophomore year of high school, you will be celebrating your delicious and absolutely amazing year of freedom. Keep your eyes on that goal, and you'll be done before you know it. :) I'll be praying for you as you finish up these last few weeks.

    Love ya,
    Elizabeth Rose

  5. You're finishing geometry on Friday? : { You're making me jealous. I had one of those good school days Monday -- after I'd been gone all day from 9:30-3:30-ish. I can't figure out how that works, I'm just thanful it did. Congratulations to you, and what biology curriculum are you using?

    The {very} Ordinary Princess

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