Monday, April 9, 2012

it's april.

Wow, life has been moving fast! It seems like yesterday that it was New Year's, and now here we are in April. Craziness. School has kept me *very* busy - on Week Four of my intensive 10-week (self-created) syllabus that will have me finishing 12th grade on May 25th. That's incentive enough to keep me going! The garden is now up and running, and our dozen hens *finally* are giving us a dozen eggs a day! :) Plus, to add to the general animal hectic-ness, six Rhode Island Red chicks have joined the mix:
They're big enough to be outside during the daytime, we only have to bring them in at night. But still, the lower level of the house smells like chicken feed and dirt and fertilizer (natural and store-bought :D).

On the extended family side of things, my cousin is now an RPSN, and we got to see him in March for the first time since before he left for bootcamp....before Christmas. We're all *very* proud of him. When he came home, we had a family cookout at my aunt's so everyone could see him and hang out. Later in the evening, we skyped with the FTRs and got our first glimpse of little Miss FTR (due in August). I love my family!

I've been enjoying a little more sister-sister time with my baby girl...and looking forward to even more sibling-bonding opportunties once school is out. They're all growing up so fast - time is FLYING. Almost everyday, I hear in my mind, "Oh, darlin' don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow, just stay this little..."

my precious baby.

And then Holy Week was upon us. (it always comes up so fast!) Passover and Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Resurrection Sunday....

and all the little fun things that come with RS celebrations :D

I played piano for our entire Good Friday service, half of the sunrise service, and then six of the eight songs for the normal Resurrection Sunday service. And I only had about a day to learn each service. But it was an incredibly fun learning experience (I was playing with our rapidly-developing worship team) and I can't wait to do more! 

The annual egg hunt at Grandma's...Julia and I hid eggs this time around. The past five years or so we've sorta switched back and forth from hiding to hunting - either way we have a good time. Mark showed up unexpectedly on liberty, so it was great to see him again.

Pride and Prejudice <3 <3 <3Tonight is quiet and today ran smoothly. I spent the morning and into the afternoon working steadily on school, until about three or so. I volunteered to sew for The Sound of Music, so I've been working on seven uniform-type skirts and five aprons for our abbey singers, novices, and postulants - and it's been quite a handful! On Saturday I sewed for four straight hours and still didn't finish. Tonight I'm going to work some more. The skirts are almost done (halleluyah!) and then I have to aprons to do. And on Wednesday I'm getting another load. Booyah. I've been watching the long Pride and Prejudice to help pass the time - I love that movie. I realized that I have all six episodes memorized - which tells you how many times I've seen it :) If only we still talked and behaved like this noble gentlemen of literature. Darcy, Bingley, Uncle Gardiner, Colonel Fitzwilliam...*sigh* I just love that line when Darcy comes into Rosings after Elizabeth has rejected him (beginning of Ep. 4) and Fitzwilliam greets him with, "There you are, Darcy. We'd quite despaired of you!" I mean, honestly! Next time I can't find someone, I'm going to say I've "despaired" of them. It's so...refined sounding. :D

Oh, speaking of Sound of Music, our director offered me a role as one of the adult nuns in B I get to do *both* weekends - as two different parts. It does mean hours and hours and hours more rehearsal (I'll be spending one whole weekend in town with G&G so I can get to rehearsals easier) but I'm so excited about it that it doesn't matter :) I will have to work harder to keep up with school, but hey.

So, Zuzu's had a rough day and needs to go to bed. And there are skirts to sew and dishes to wash and school to be done (and Darcy to watch :D) so I should go....

Love you all, and I hope everyone is doing well! What have you all been up to? How was your Resurrection Sunday? Keep me informed, y'all!


Josie Pye :D


  1. Love the "natural fertilizer" line!
    Those are some great family pictures. Your brothers are so handsome, aren't they?
    Congratulations on the 2nd Sound of Music part! Have fun.
    I had almost "despaired of you" a couple times over the past weeks: thanks for the long, rambling post!
    We had lots of people over for Resurrection Sunday, and made ourselves stained glass windows with tissue paper. Now we are enjoying a gift of a few days away from home. Hurray for family bonding time!

    The Ordinary Princess

  2. What a great family photo! ...with everyone dressed so nicely and smiles.

    Zuzu is so cute in those pictures! Looks like you and your family had a great Easter Sunday.

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely Easter! I love these pictures - especially the one of your family at the table. :P


  4. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter! I love all the photos, and cannot believe how big everyone is.

    Congrats on the second part, and enjoy sewing. :) What better way to spend your time than watch P&P and sew for the Sound of Music?

    By the way, I'm writing from a picture-perfect cottage in the Cotswolds in England. *squeal* I'll tell you all about it later. ;)

  5. You played the piano for the church during most of the service?!! Wow. You must be good! I sometimes wish I could, but we have like 3 back-up pianists that I know of. Oh well. Zuzu looks a lot like the youngest in our family, doesn't she kind of? Especially with her hair undone, which is what A's is like. All. The. Time. :P