Thursday, April 12, 2012


"I'm wishing...(I'm wishing)...for the one I love to find me...(to find me)"

wishing...that school was over already. *Five* more weeks!? Why, oh, why, oh why?

wishing...that I knew how to swing dance.

wishing...that I would never have another zit on my face from now until the day I die.

wishing...that I had time and resources to do everything I want to do at this moment

wishing...that I was actually *good* at school. I don't like feeling dumb.

wishing...that all guys wore top hats. *smile*

wishing...that I could audition and be in all the musicals here in town this fall and spring. not having to pick just one.

wishing...that I could drive.

wishing...that I knew what this fall was going to look like, that I knew how I'm going feel once my graduated friends move away.

wishing...that I could go to Nicaragua all summer - as well as stay here and swim and coach all summer. Not have to split both in half.

wishing...that I could go to Branson this weekend.

wishing...that staying-in-shape was easier than it actually is.

wishing...that I could play violin and guitar as well as I do the piano.

wishing...that I was in control of my life.

thankful...that I'm not in control, and that God knows best.
On days like today, I pray that He will help me keep my focus and stay content where I am.


  1. I quite agree with most of those, except about the top hats (I'm a guy :P), along with some others. I would like to play the saxophone (mom actually wants me too!) and glad that I'm not in control of my life. :)


  2. I, too, wish that I was actually *good* at school. I can certainly empathize with you on that. But, you know, you only have five more weeks to go :) I kinda wish that was all I had!

    And, by the way, I like your new profile picture. The color is just...right ;)