Thursday, May 24, 2012

awkward and awesome // 5.24.12

- curly-hair-day on a day you really wanted a straight-hair-day
- making eye contact with friends...through their dining room window...while you're walking down the sidewalk...while they're eating supper....and you don't even live in their neighborhood...and they know that....
- Dad describing to me the character traits of my future husband...who we're supposed to not know yet, right? *sigh*
- threatening one of the grown men at our church and basically calling him stupid...all in rehearsal for VBS. :P
- stepping on wet newspapers while in the garden, then stepping into dry leaves, and just when you're chuckling that your feet are looking like hobbit feet, you step in chicken droppings and it kinda ruins the effect (oh, the joys of farm living!)
- my little brother mimicking every action of our church's new summer intern during a lesson on the Holy Spirit during church on Wednesday night

- meeting Elizabeth Rose, Bree, and family! It was a dream-like evening...unreal. "You could be the deciding vote!"
- FINISHING HIGHSCHOOL AT 11:45am THIS MORNING. It still hasn't sunk in yet. Ironically, my Pandora station played "All For One" (HSM2) as I was literally filling out my last section of my last exam of my last subject. "We're gonna have fun in the sun/After all of our work, work is done/Everybody one for all, and all for one..."
- preschool gradution, I was so proud of my Yellow Room!
- being the big, bad bully at VBS skit rehearsal and having two grown men cower at my mere presence (*hehehe*)
- getting audition and costume information from my director for Bye Bye Birdie (I'm auditioning for Kim - the big day is June 10th!)
- first coaches' meeting of the season tonight, getting to see the gang before practices start on Tuesday
- a friend's graduation party tomorrow
- holding "Baby T" (who, by the way, is practically my nephew) until he fell asleep
- spending some much-needed free time on the piano re-learning the Pathetique Sonata (1st and 2nd movements) which I have greatly missed over the past year since I lost the music (thanks to my teacher for a new copy :D)


  1. Awesome post! :) Getting done with school is a great feeling if you ask me. ;)

  2. Congratjulations on the end of school!!! :D

  3. Finishing highschool is more than awesome!

  4. I love the pictures of Joshua! I love it when kids do that.

    The Ordinary Princess

  5. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I LOVE bye bye birdie!!! I hope you get the part!!!!!!

  6. I need to do this. Beceause it was just plain awesome meeting you + family too. :) I loved getting to know you in person. And talking about how similar our parents are (crazy, right?).

    Hah, that little boy is the funniest. <3

    Love you!

  7. The pictures of Joshua are adorable :)
    -Emilie M.