Thursday, May 10, 2012

awkward and awesome.


  • running back up a *cough* friend's wet driveway and stumbling and loosing your flip-flop and having to back for it (not a proud moment)
  • mirroring "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" with a girl-friend during rehearsal and being told by a smart aleck twelve-year-old that you looked "kinda g--."
  • trying to emphasize a point by accidentally spilling a tall glass of water all over your grandma's food *cough*
  • playing my recital piece the worst I've ever played it at my last group class ever...and just ten days before recital :S
  • saying "bye, see you tomorrow!" and leaving rehearsal....only to come back five minutes later 'cause you're ride isn't there and everyone says, "oh, you're back?! do you have a ride home?" yada yada yada...
  • helping a preschooler get their shoes on and having them practically pull your shirt off trying to balance themselves

  • a friend-we-hadn't-seen-in-two-years coming back into town for a short visit, getting to meet his wife and precious 11-week-old son for the first time
  • receiving spontaneous wild flower bouquets and hugs from my little J. and S. (practically my nephew and niece :D)
  • being asked by both your director *and* her daughter if you're doing the summer musical ("'Cause we're hoping you will...")
  • playing soccer in the wet grass and mud and enjoying the amount of ex-and-shoff being presented by the guys involved :P
  • completely re-arranging our closet and bedroom, and finally getting to have my desk next to my bed
  • gentle, warm rain showers and getting to run around outside in them
  • finishing Abeka Health this morning - only three more subjects left!
  • rehearsals for the VBS skits - I'm playing the big, bad bully: Sam(antha). A rather interesting change from my current drama role of a nun.
  • starting to find time to do some real blogging and respond to emails after an approximately two-week hiatus

Life is still busy, my friends, and I'm starting to think that this is going to be my "new normal" until bear with me! I'm still here, just moving so fast that all you can see is a blur :D

Oh, as a point of interest. In the original Broadway show TSOM, there are two songs sung by Elsa, Max and the Captain. This is the second one, called "No Way To Stop It". We have both songs in the show we're doing and even though this song is fun, it gets on the nerves occasionally. So, to relieve a little of that...potential annoyance during rehearsal, we just sing along (or mouth-along) to "help" them out a little - great fun. Now for your listening pleasure:
in our show, they start at 0:47 - skipping that first part.


  1. Wow! I love The Sound of Music play. I just discovered it at the library last year. Some of the details in the movie actually make more sense having read the play.

    I also love the "new" songs that weren't in the movie. The one you posted is seriously awesome! My favorite version is the following video:

  2. Haha, the part about loosing our flip flop...

    You're so much fun. =D

  3. I always lose my flip flops and emphasize points awkwardly... X)

    Who are you playing in the Sound of Music?

  4. Ah, Jo; you are good for me. I was thinking of you today, as we're coming to the TSOM tonight, and thought of checking out your blog. Had to google "ex and shoff." I should read your blog more often...or maybe you can just give me some tutorials in the future so I'll be able to understand what my girls are saying/writing. :) Mrs. K