Tuesday, May 1, 2012

jo's summer.

So yesterday was definitely a "Jonah"-day. And with good reason. I don't like sinning, I don't like covering it up. But I wish I could say I hated the sin as much as I hate getting...um...found out? My parents are amazing, and if God is anything like them, then we should never cease to rejoice at how forgiving He is. ANYWAY. We are moving on, and life is actually going to be better than ever before because of this.

Guess what happened yesterday? You never will so I'll tell you (that's a Yente quote, btw): I FINISHED GEOMETRY! That thorn, that plague, that dreaded *thing* that has been torturing me for almost two years is *finally* OVER. And I've actually been enjoying it for the past two months, the pain was more the fact of how long I've working on it and just the desire to have it done. And with Spanish orals over (!!!) and my final written exam on Thursday (11:10am to 2:10pm - think of me).....I really don't have that much work left. Four (possibly three, if I work hard) weeks of school left. And then DONE FOREVAH. (sorry, this definitely an all-caps event)

Other happies this week: chorus sing-in, long and productive Sound of Music rehearsals, getting high A grades on Spanish assignments, and a new-found Antonio Banderas and Evita obsession. Believe me, if I was a guy, Che would the *highest* on my list of male roles I'd want to play someday. (with Javert close behind :P)

What a Circus [2:55] and High Flying, Adored [8:50]
this concert is epic in its entirety too, btw - all the best of Webber in celebration of the 50th birthday of the man himself.

Hmm...oh, right. The post title. Wondering what that's all about? Let's just say my summer is shaping up like this: I start swimming/coaching in late May and enjoy that until early July when I leave for Nicaragua. I'm there until the last weekend July (I'll probably come home for swimming championships - we'll see) and then we might go to the beach in early August, and I'm still leaving late August/early September open for a possible trip to Boston...and then OSR in mid-September. BUSY! On top of that - and I'm pretty sure I can balance it, just hoping our director agrees :P - I may do the musical Bye Bye Birdie (with the same group we're doing TSOM with now) from June till August. Yes, I'd miss all the July rehearsals, but I could take the script with me and I learn choreography *really* fast. So yeah. I may be overloading myself....but I feel a little reckless right now. *grin*

Alrighty, folksies. Thank you for praying and thinking of me yesterday and helping me cheer up. Thanks for the suggestion, Vivi - this week's BC *was* fantastic. Love those guys! My favorite thing about Mondays....the Messier the better! :)

Off to whatever lies in store for me next in my little wild life!

p.s. pretty much all the little children at the preschool I work at call me "Mrs. Jo" (well, my real name actually). I just thought that y'all would enjoy that. But only if you've read Jo's Boys or Little Men :D


  1. Ah, I think I could relate to the whole loathing Geometry thing. :) Math was never my strong suit. Reading and History were. :) That's so cool you'll be graduating soon!! :D Hooray for you!


  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING GEOMETRY! I can only imagine how wonderful it feels. :) I'm glad you're feeling better than you were yesterday. I hate when people are having a bad day and I don't know how to cheer them up...I don't say anything and then I feel inexpressibly guilty until they feel better. :p Silly but true.

  3. math is not my thing AT ALL. kudos to you.

  4. Yip! Yip! Sounds like an awesome summer, Jo! And you are right--everything will be better because your struggles are out in the open. :) Believe me. :)

  5. Hip-Hip-Hooray! Geometry has gone away! I am trying hard not to be jealous.
    I thought summer meant the start of something you were calling your "break" year??? ; D

    The Fourteenth-Assistant Kitchen Maid