Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the sound of music

Wow. What a crazy past ten days! Rehearsals everyday, and then opening night before we knew it! For an opening night, it ran *very* smoothly. We sang to a full and enthusiastic audience, there were no major delays or malfunctions (even we did start a bit late), and the cast was high-energy. (always good!) It was such a splendid evening. This group is sooo much fun to work with! We had another show Sunday afternoon which also went well (sold-out and overflowing audience...but they were kinda flat) and topped off the weekend successfully. It was Cast 1's last show (*sniffle*) and they did such a great job. 

I don't have any "real" pictures of the show itself yet, but here are some backstage/behind-the-scenes pics off my friend Melissa's iPod from Sunday afternoon: 
Melissa (Liesl) and I
for the record, my dear Melissa is *not* taller than me (we're almost exactly the same height)...she just had to wear high-heels for the show *grin*

with "Frau Schmidt"

Lauren! (an Abbey singer, and real-life little sister to "Louisa")

Me, another one of my Abbey singers, Melissa, and Hannah (Louisa)

Abbey (Liesl, Cast 2), Emily, Hannah, and I
Do you like my "hat"? It poofed something terrible, but I kinda like it :P Emily had one too (a flatter one), but she's not wearing it in this picture 'cause it's on Abbey's head :P

I don't have any pictures of Titiana in her costume because she's camera shy (no kidding), but I do have some videos of the show from Friday night that I'll post up as soon as I can get them off Dad's phone. She did a great job too - and we just heard from our director who that she can do this coming Saturday's show as well, so she's not done yet either!

The second show weekend starts this Friday night at seven - and I do all the shows as Sister Catherine (one of the nuns) so a different costume, but pretty much the same songs.

Sorry I've been absent for so long...I'm just starting to feel like life is back to normal...just in time for our crazy summer to start :P


  1. Y'all look great, and I'm so glad that shows were a success. I can't wait for the official photos!

    Love ya,

  2. O my gosh!!! You all look amazing!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing more photos of it. :]


  3. I love the costumes. Especially the poofy hat. :) Are those the ones you made? I can't wait to see the videos.

  4. Wow, y'all look great! To repeat Lizzy, can't wait to see the videos and photos. :)


  5. Dido! (You look just right.) I think they did a good job casting.
    Have fun!

    The Fourteenth-Assistant Kitchen Maid

  6. Love these! You look fantastic as a nun, Jo...oh, wait...are nuns supposed to look fantastic? Ha! :)