Monday, May 21, 2012

"...till you find your DREAM!"

So, I'm sitting here at the computer. It's almost two pm. My fingers are a little wrinkled and smell like bleach, since I just finished cleaning our entire bathroom - shower included. I also straighted and started cleaning out my desk, cleared off the piles that were cluttering my hope chest, and dusted and vacuumed our entire bedroom. While I was doing that, the other girls were also busy in various parts of the house straightened and cleaning and mopping and all that. This is really our first full day at home in weeks - and the only day this week that we have *nothing* going on.

The Sound of Music closed last night, after seven wonderful performances. As both Ben and Melissa put it (at different times) we're now going through "play withdrawl" as we waaaaaiiiiitttttt for the next two and a half weeks for Bye Bye Birdie to start. It's been SO much fun. I was a little apprehensive back in February about jumping back into BBP after being out for soooo many years. I didn't really know anyone, and I wasn't sure how hard it would be to meet people. I didn't need to worry. I've felt SO accepted, so encouraged throughout the past three months. In fact, the crowning moment was probably during the finale of "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" last night when, for the first time in any song, I hit and held the "high A". Meghan ("Sister Margaretta") told me on Saturday afternoon that she was pretty sure I could hit it, and that I should try. I didn't on Sat, but promised I would try on Sun. Exhilaration is only word to describe the feeling when I realized I was on pitch - and holding it - and it was loud - and it didn't hurt. *wry grin* LOVED IT. Anyway. It's been fantastic. I've loved getting to know everyone, hanging out during practices and shows, having sarcastically serious conversations with telegram delivery personnel, laughing and whispering and working with the sixteen-going-on-seventeen year olds, herding dozens of cats, pinning costumes, learning to do show makeup with the Mother Abbess, warming up the piano for Miss Cyndi, striking the set with the crew, sweeping the stage with Jasmyne singing songs from Oliver!, and every other little thing that makes BBP so great. Can't wait for summer! 1950s, here we come! For those of you all who are holding out to see the "real" pictures from the show, they'll be available this weekend and I'll post them up so you can see the stage and our costumes and all that fun stuff. Give you (and me) something to look forward to :)

This morning, before we started cleaning, I finished my Abeka Economics, as well as my crash-course Biology. FREEDOM! Well, not quite yet. I have yet to complete my Financial Peace University course ( for the win!) - but that will wrap up on Friday and then I will be really and truly done with highschool. Wild.

On a less....let's see....academic note, we found out last week that some very special friends are coming through town today through Wednesday, and want to get together with us. Now, these friends are a little different than your average friends, because I've known them and loved them for over two-and-a-half years...and I've never met them. Yes, peoples, I'm about to meet more blogging friends! You may remember the epic day almost exactly two years ago when yours truly and Nana met - well, now it's time for the meeting between yours truly and Elizabeth and Bree! Hard to believe, but it's true! I'm super-de-duper excited. Now of course, we'll have to show them around the house....hence the cleaning morning. :)

SO. I need to run. There's more work to do, more school to finish, more naps to take....(I didn't just say that...). Oh, and a beach trip to plan, auditions to prepare for, VBS skit lines to memorize, last week of preschool to enjoy, preschool graduation to help with, and a friend's highschool graduation party to celebrate. Not all today, of course. Just this week. Right.

Okay, love you all! Have a happy Monday and go fly a kite and all that fun stuff. *chuckle*


  1. I was wondering if you had figured out that it was almost the exact same occurred to me when looking at the calendar when we were trying to work out dates :D You guys have a fantastic time...can't wait to hear how it went!!!

    Also, glad to hear TSOM went so well :)

    As for school, you go girl! I'll be thinking of you Friday. Funny you should mention Abeka Economics becuase *my* Abeka Economics for the fall just came in the mail today (as well as all my other Abeka stuff...government (U.S. and state), speech, English lit... Btw, have you decided what you're doing for graduation yet?


  2. wow! Lots of stuff!
    That picture is super cute!

    Rachel Nicole at Summer Breeze

  3. Isn't life good? Actually, isn't God good? It sounds like you're having a fantastic (albeit busy) week.

    I hope you have an awesome time with Bree and Elizabeth Rose. :)

    I cannot believe TSOM is finished! Congrats. I also cannot believe you're almost done with highschool. *green with envy*

    Love you, dear!

  4. We had such an amazing time with y'all last night — an experience that only the presence of the Wachters could have improved. It was such fun getting to know each other in person after all these years of communicating through emails and blogs. It was also quite funny how much we had in common. :) The girls couldn't stop talking about Marie and Titty all the way home and in our room getting ready for bed. (They're actually saying "SIIMBAAAA!" with all the strength they can muster right now :P). I hope years won't pass between now and our next meeting. And if y'all are ever in our area . . . by all means, feel free to drop in for as long as you choose. ;)

    Love ya,
    Elizabeth Rose

  5. Yes, 'tis me, back to comment on the other topics mentioned in this post. ;)

    Your acting group sounds like great fun, and I'm glad you get to do Bye Bye Birdie with them. I am eagerly counting down the days until our dance studio's summer camp in mid-June — life seems rather staid without dance classes and school to fill our time. Of course, that means plenty of hours for fun reading, so who could complain for long? :D

    Oh, and the house was scrupulously clean, in case you were wondering. ;)


    P.S. That picture of Zu is so cute! I love her little wispy baby curls.

  6. Hi Jo! In response to your comment, I'll be in DC August 13-16. That would be so awesome if we could meet up or something! :)