Thursday, June 21, 2012

awkward and awesome // 6.21.12

I like Thursdays, 'cause I get to share those little bits of my life that normally get overlooked in the general busyness of my currently crazy life :)

☼ forgetting my stroke count during my 50 backstroke race, and taking an extra stroke *right* at the wall and subsequently bashing the back of my head/neck on the aforementioned wall with a loud thump. solicited several comments such as, "Are you okay, honey?" and "Whoa, you really whacked that wall!" and "I saw that coming from the alright?" At least I only added .20 seconds on my time *wry grin*
☼ playing around in the pool with Mallard during break and missing a shot (basketball) from about four feet from the net and two hands on the ball and then grinning with a "Oh, I'm just warming up" :D Let's just say I'm not related to LeBron all :P
☼ hanging out with friends at the pool who are all playing "Plague" on their iPhones and hearing comments like, "YES! BACTERIA!" or "Oh, oh, oh - hemophilia!" or "Oh yeah, it's evolving and it's...TUMORS!" or "Oh really? Well yesterday I was killing like two million people a day" or "Greenland just WON'T DIE!" or "Look, look: 'Sweden declaring national crisis'...*cackling* Maybe they should declare world crisis...."
Sometimes I wonder....*shakes head*
☼ winning our first scored swim meet of the season!
☼ singing the Star Spangled Banner to open the meet. This is the second time I've done it, but because of my cold I asked Titiana and our friend Alexander to join me - it sounded pretty good, the three of us :)
☼ getting cast as Alice in Bye Bye Birdie!!! This is going to be such a super show - lots of singing, dancing, humor, and fantastic costumes. If any of you are around September 14-16, you should think about stopping in for a show...
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☼ listening to my fantastic Pandora stations, as usual. Country, praise and worship, country, pop, country, soundtracks, country, CCM, country, etc. *grin*
☼ working hard out the garden all morning and coming in with muddy feet, crazy hair, sticky shirt and wet from the hose to clean up and sit down for milkshakes - courtesty of Mother Dear.
☼ being at the pool four hours a day, four or five days a week plus meets and meet line-ups - honestly folks, our swim team is The. Best. Everyone there is just awesome. Plain and simple. :)
☼ realizing I only have two more Sundays left here before my trip...let the countdown begin!
☼ camping trip with coaches and lots of 13 and older swimmers last weekend - yummy food, massive soccer game, midnight capture-the-flag with headlights as the flags, "Body Body" after that, staying up till 2:30 with a small handful of folks singing praise songs with some country tunes thrown in, lazy wake-up morning, Bodo's for breakfast. It was fantastic ;)

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Thank you all for the long comments and cheerful emails and chats y'all sent me over the past few days - they were super special! I'm still not better, but I'm not worse. I cannot WAIT to have this behind me. It's the price you pay when you swim....sharing all that germy water *blech* Anyway. It's given me plenty of time to read my books and watch period dramas and pin lovely things and catch up on sleep. But boy, am I ready to be better!!!

Have a splendid afternoon, y'all! I'm off to my first rehearsal for Bye Bye Birdie this evening and should rest up before then :)


  1. :) Glad to hear you're doing a bit better, my dear. And congratulations on your new part!

  2. oh blast. this is sarah. I guess Daniel was signed in. :P

  3. Oooo! Congrats on being Alice! I don't know who she is, but since you wanted to be her, I guess it's a good thing. : )
    Sorry you aren't better yet. I am a-l-m-o-s-t as good at basketball as you are, and I actually hate country music. Most of it. There's the first major difference in our tastes that I've discovered.
    Well, I'm off to do biology, class Mammalia (the last!). At least it's not more reptiles, creepy things.


    The Ordinary Princess