Thursday, June 7, 2012

awkward and awesome // 6.7.12

- a lady at the beach assuming Zu was my baby. "Has your daughter seen a live starfish before?" I didn't feel like explaining
- your extended family and friends starting to make jokes about marrying you off. You'd think they wanted to get rid of me! Good grief. Watch me be a leech :P
- wearing my goggles upside down today at swim practice
- saying goodbye-for-a-month to friend...and realizing that the next you see them will be in Nicaragua *yikes!!!*
- miscommunicating with the dear sweet lady who's opened her home to me whenever I need it (my new home-away-from-home) and ending up not coming on a day she thought I was that I didn't know she thought I was and messing up her schedule and yeah.
- practicing for Bye Bye Birdie casting and having to try to figure out how to "play down" as a 15-year-old. If I do get this part, it's going to be an acting adventure for sure :)

- getting to see my best friend's Dad for the first time in over four years :)
- my "little" sister turning 16 on the 4th
- six days at the most relaxing beach I know: Isle of Palms, South Carolina
- coaching swim practice and swimming swim practice (the former than the latter, and only when it's actually warm - I turned blue today :P)
- "My Heart Will Go On"
- reading all three installments of The Hunger Games at the beach...they are amazing books, real or not real?
- booking flights for Nicaragua (!!!)
- receiving a copy of Violets are Blue in the mail the night I got back from SC (thanks Lizzy!)
- Summer of Blimey Cow. 'nuf said.
- preparing to play most of the service on Sunday *yay!*
- looking foward to a whole afternoon with the aforementioned dear sweet lady on Tuesday (don't worry, I'll confirm beforehand *sigh*)
- "Un Mundo Ideal". Seriously. This song is gorgeous in English, but Disney only gets better in Spanish:

- Courageous. What a powerful movie! Of course, the part I liked best was Javier in the backseat of the police car. The subtitles weren't on, so I was only one in my family who knew what he was saying (we did go back with subs so they'd get it too :D) and I was laughing so hard I was crying. "Vamos almorzar...quiero comprar un pollo...y unaaaa limonaaaaddddaaaa....." But in seriousness - it was very thought-provoking and even convicting. It was very deep, and yes, it did lead to some questions from my younger siblings regarding one particular family situation, but we all got something out of it personally. Worth your time!

Okay, folksys. It's good to be home! Just wanted to give you a peek into my week, and hopefully more beach photos and life pictures, etc. will be forthcoming once the weekend is over (more busy-ness).
"I will praise You, O YHWH, with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works. I will be glad and rejoice in You; I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High."
- Psalm 9:1-2


  1. I'm so glad you got to see Dad! I didn't even know you were going to until I saw your email. :P

    I haven't read Mockingjay yet. I'm trying to control myself and wait until finals are over next week, but I might break down and read it before then. We shall see. ;)

  2. You read THG? Have to have you over soon so we can just rave about it, ok? :P

    Blimey cow <3.

    And Courageous is awesome. Totally loved it.


  3. Hi Jo,

    I totally loved that scene in Fireproof as well! When I watched it, we were all laughing so loud that we had to rewind it so that we could stop laughing and hear it!

    You are totally right about Disney in Spanish. I actually prefer listening to Disney in Spanish over English even though the English is a little easier for me to understand! The Spanish lyrics are so much deeper than the English ones. Some of my favorites in Spanish are Si No Te Conociera (Pocahontas), Parte de Él (Little Mermaid), Veo en ti La Luz (Tangled), and Una Vez en un Sueño (Sleeping Beauty).

    -Raelyn Nicole

  4. HEEEY! You like Blimey Cow, too?!!?!? :D

    Okay, I can relate to your awkward: I was 11, almost 12, when my aunt had her youngest kid, and he was my "little buddy" as she called him, and I was in the store holding him (at age 12) and a lady asked me, "Oh, how did he end up with red hair? Your hair is so dark!"

    I said a goodbye to a friend who was leaving for Idaho for a month, saying, "See you in Kansas!" (I have a leadership conference at the end of this month.)

    And I do put up with "marrying off" jokes. X)

  5. Jo, how do you propose telling of ALL of His marvelous works? Just thinking that would be a long job.
    As for Courageous I loved, "{and maybe some} papas fritas!"
    Talk about awkward in a large family, one cashier just didn't take a good look and thought I was Dad's wife and the mother of my 13 yr. old brother. Good grief. What's even funnier (and more realistic) is when people think my older brother and I are married -- and sometimes are brand new parents. Awwwwww. = P ("Siblings your age just don't get along that well.")


    The Ordinary Princess

  6. You're going to Nicaragua!! Wow and yeah booking flights is definitely AMESOME!! What are you gonna be doing there?

  7. (On a different computer that doesn't block random websites.) I loved Courageous. It has a great message and an incredible storyline. It was also quite sad, which I didn't really like. But over all, it was amazing! I loved the Snake King part too. Leia is turning 16 already? I thought she was younger than me. : P I've worn my goggles upside down before. I was like "Why are these so uncomfortable today?" And then I was like "Oh. Wait." : P


  8. I'm not younger than you!!!!! I'm 2 months older, and I've always known that. Maybe you are thinking of Catherine.