Sunday, June 17, 2012

for my daddy.

Hey Daddy!

Happy Father's Day! This is your eighteenth Father's does that feel? Eighteen years of being my best protector, my biggest fan, my greatest playmate, strongest ally, most consistent spiritual leader and most impressive superhero.

Yes, there have been times I wished you weren't so protective, and there will probably be more. But now I know that you truly have my best interest in mind, and aren't out to make me a hermit for life or keep me prisoner or spoil all my fun :) For the record, you're pretty awesome and very funny. Even when I don't always laugh, I appreciate the humor. *wry grin*

I love that I have memories of you going back to when I was only two. I love the home videos of us girls dancing to songs that you taught us, and doing funny dances in the hallways of the Old House. I love the memories of Saturday morning breakfasts at Waffle House and IHOP. I love the memories of you dancing me around the living room to your old music - which I still love, btw.

I love how you've been looking out for my heart and supporting me in my striving to stay pure. Many girls I know don't have very protective dads, and I've seen what happened to them. Thank you for never giving up, never letting me slip away. You see everything ("I'm always there, buddy." *cackle*) and I love that.

Thank you for being my daddy. For loving Mama. For choosing life. For choosing to homeschool me. For deliberately being involved in my life. For making me do hard things so I'll grow. For encouraging me in my walk with the Lord. For supporting my decisions about education. For wanting to spend time with me. For listening to my music - even though your generation is better. For being my friend. For trusting me. I know our relationship can only get better as time goes on.

Thank you.

your brown-eyed girl.