Monday, June 18, 2012

isle of palms 2012

Our annual trip to the Isle of Palms happened a little early this year due to the plethora of activities we're invovled in during June, July and August. We left on May 30th, and got home late on June 5th.

Leia turned 16 while we there, and my grandmother threw a big birthday party for her on the 3rd (the day before her actual birthday)

with our dear little Aunt Elle who we managed to see about five or six times during our stay - can't get enough of her!!!

with our cousin William

with cousin Zoë
this baby never fails to crack me up. love you zu!

my grandmother (in the red) just re-connected/discovered her long lost second cousins (to her right and left). They're sisters, and if you've ever seen The Waltons, you'll know what I mean when I say that these two lovely ladies are the real-life Baldwin sisters :) Oh, and that's my Annie's (grandmother) brother, my Uncle Billy, on the right.

down time...on the iPhone :)

is her watermelon suit not the CUTEST ever?

love this. Daddy and Baby.

On Leia's actual birthday, we went to our favorite restaurant: The Wreck on Shem Creek.

Zuzu and Marfa (Martha) weren't so sure they liked the boiled peanuts.

it's hard to believe she's sixteen! time flies...

we had nice surfing weather a few of the days. the waves weren't very big, but they were steady and fun to ride!

Overall, it was a very relaxing and successful family vacation! I love South Carolina :) It was so much fun seeing all the Clemson stickers on the cars, and the "House Divided" ones with the Tigers and Gamecocks instead of the Cavaliers and Hokies like it is up here *grin*

See you next year, IOP!


  1. Love the photo of Zuzu and your dad. It's so sweet!

  2. Hey,

    You know that picture of several of you at the table at the restaurant? What's that brown bottle sitting in the front corner of the picture? That's not thanks to the Baldwin sisters, is it?

    The Ordinary Princess

  3. If I left an individual comment for each photo — which I seriously considered doing — I would be here forever. But I'll pick out my favorites . . . ;)

    First of all, tell Leia I said Happy 16th Birthday! Or more properly, "HIPY PAPY BTHUTHDTH THUTHDA BTHUTHDY!" Since it just wouldn't be a March birthday without it. :D

    Zuzu . . . oh my goodness, that girl is so cute! Ava was oohing and aahhing with great vigor when I scrolled past any pictures of Zu in her watermelon bathing suit (all the children gathered 'round the computer when I mentioned that the March family had gotten back from vacation and Jo had posted pictures :)).

    That picture of the boys on the couch is brilliant. ;)

    Zu. Yawning. With her feet up on the table. It's just too much adorableness in one picture.

    I was wondering if y'all went to The Wreck this year. Wow, it hardly seems like 12 months ago when you were last there and wrote "Les Misérables" on the tablecloth. *long pause* Alright, I just went back and checked the date on that post, and apparently it was published in August. So it hasn't actually been a full year . . . more like 10 months (which is still hard to believe). Lovely pictures of this year's visit! Your shirt in the photo of you and Titty is so pretty. :)

    Oh gracious, this comment is already too long, not to mention way too full of emoticons. I'm stopping now. ;)

    Sending much love and many hugs your way,
    Elizabeth Rose

  4. Beautiful pictures, Jo. Wow, you and your sister look so much alike, for a moment I thought it was you. You're also very pretty! Happy 16th Birthday to her :). It looks like you've had a lovely time!

    We went on a vacation to a beach island not far from our home for a few days some time ago and it was lovely like that too. God bless,
    ~Joy @