Monday, June 25, 2012

summer wardrobe

Where I live, summer is hot. Not burning hot, just hot. Daily 80s, 90s, sometimes 100 or over - so nothing extreme, but enough. And in the summer, as in all the other seasons of the year, the quest for comfortable modest clothing is important...and often difficult. We're in the time of year when wearing as little as possible is actually nice - but not when it means compromising principles and exposing ourselves unnecessarily. The need for modest clothing is just as important now as it is in cooler months when we can wear layers, denim, tights, fashion sweaters and boots. In fact, here's where our decision to be modest can get seriously put to the test. 

But, to my great joy, it seems that light, flowy, mid-length skirts are the fashion this year, as well as bright colors, peasant tops, and retro designs. Summer styling heaven!

So, I'm here this afternoon to give you a little peek into my summer wardrobe. Every outfit and item (including the color[s] shown) here is something I actually have and wear, and each picture is linked back to the listing on the website so you can investigate more yourself! Enjoy!

These four skirts are part of my sister and my essential outfit building pieces. All four are very light weight, don't need a slip (yay!), and are long enough to do any of our favorite activities (or necessary ones, like sitting) without causing a...distruption *chuckle* I pair them with pretty much everything!

Lands' End Logo

These are also lovely - easy to throw on if I'm in a hurry. We also have three of last year's version of the same shirt in navy blue and black - and we actually like those better. But these are nice too (just watch your straps *grin*)

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This is our favorite store. Just hands down. We can *always* pick up something here, and even though sometimes our finds need a leetle modifying to make them *perfect*, it's normally as simple as adding a cami or mini-sweater. And it's pretty inexpensive :D

I'm actually wearing this middle pink one right now. The lime green is my favorite - I believe it matches everything I have (although my sister might disagree *grin*) :) We do wear camis under these shirts, just as an FYI.

When I'm not in one of my Old Navy skirts, I'm in these crops. Due to my body shape (larger hips and a small waist), my normal size in pants leaves a lot of extra fabric around my waist that sometimes even the drawstring can't help with. But overall, these are a win. (I'm wearing them right now :D)

This is our cami headquarters. We have their wonder camisole in white, black, pink, and two different shades of neutral/skin tone. They are high enough at the neck that you can actually use them to add color, and tight enough that they don't add bulk to your outfit

Target logo.svg
I've found it's hit-or-miss with Target when it comes to fashion *chuckle* But while we were in SC, we definitely hit the bulls-eye on the clearance rack! There were some lovely peasant blouse-like tops that are very light and airy and pair well with my crops and jeans. It's hard to find skirts that look right with long peasant tops and not look like you're one big tube all the way down - so if I do have to wear them with a skirt, I normally add a belt or tuck them in somehow :) 

Merona® Womens Kimono Top w/Smocking - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new windowMerona® Womens Smocked Checked Peasant Top - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window

Merona® Womens Chambray Smocked Peasant Top - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window


and since no outfit is complete without shoes.....


My lovely Hobbit feet (7.5 US WW) make finding shoes that fit and are comfortable is a real challenge. Naturalizer is probably my favorite place to shoe-shop, and we picked up these beauties discounted at an outlet mall in Smithfield, NC on our way to the beach:
Naturalizer Sana Sandal

For all my pool-deck-trotting I do in June and July, I need something that won't fall apart or absorb yucky water, but still is comfortable to wear. Each year, I get a few pairs of cheap, colorful flip flops to fill this need and they normally hold up very well! My colors this year:

So that's part of my summer wardrobe for this year! Now, what I wear to the pool in the mornings is very different than my normal apparel....maybe I should do a post on that too :) Would y'all like that?

What sort of outfits do you wear in the summer?


  1. Very cute clothing choices. :) I'm lovin the purple peasant top. I need to update my it's wonderful to know about these things. :D

  2. cute clothes! :)

  3. I wear... yard sale clothes! Nothing beats those prices -- except hand-me-downs. Plus this year I've made myself two sundresses already, one with a pattern and one without. The pattern did need modification ( i.e. raising the neckline by about 3 inches) but it was fun and I can't wait to wear it.
    Hey, I don't know what Hobbit feet are, but my feet are 7.5-ish. But I can wear some shoes anywhere from size 6 to size 9. Go figure.

    ~The Fourteenth-Assistant Kitchen Maid

  4. P. S. I'd love to hear about your pool wardrobe. I'm always eager for more practical and modest ideas on that account.


  5. I am now seriously excited to go clothes shopping, which is rare for me. But for the last six years, I've had to shop either the PX (which usually has horrid stuff), online (which often doesn't fit), or in German stores (way to expensive). So I'm really loooking forward to hitting good old American stores - especially Old Navy and Target. :D

  6. Ahhhh! I own the two top skirts you posted, too! So adorable and comfy! totally love Old Navy clothes. =D

    (btw, I hope you're feeling better by now, because I'm still sick...hehehe)

  7. Thanks for this post; it gave me some ideas for my summer wardrobe. I would love to see what you wear to the pool! It's always helpful to see what other modest young ladies have discovered. :)


  8. I LOVE the Old Navy flip-flops, they are the most comfortable ever. And I love those crops, they look SO comfortable.

    Long time no speak, but I'm trying to get back in the blogging game, so I look forward to reading more here! You've always been so encouraging to me. :)