Friday, July 6, 2012

last day

One hour and fifteen minutes from midnight - the end of my last full day in the States. The past week has contained my last swim practice ever (Thursday) - I'll be too old for our league next year, baby Zu's 3rd birthday (today), seven days of living out of bags and suitcases (due to the big storm and power outage) in other peoples' houses, rehearsals for Birdie, lots and lots of swimming and coaching, and shopping for the trip. I've been packing since 8:30pm, and it's almost 11 now. We have to get up and go at 4am.....I'm plumb worn out, and the adventure is just beginning!

And this dear little blog is going to be babysat by two lovely young ladies, with guest posts from several more - you all are in for a treat!

Thank you all in advance for your prayers as I head off to Nicaragua! I'll see you on the 26th :D

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  1. I remembered last night that you were leaving today and said a quick prayer for safe travels and a rewarding experience. I know the Lord is going to use you for wonderful things in Nicaragua, sweet girl. (Plus, you'll be practically fluent en español by the time you return ;)) Don't worry one minute about us — Scraps is in capable hands. :D And Nän and I will be ready with bells and whistles on the 26th!

    Love you,
    Elizabeth Rose