Sunday, July 1, 2012

plugged in

From the looks of my inbox, blogger feed, pinterest and twitter feeds, no one seems to have lost power like we did :P Just joking. But seriously. That storm on Friday night....*shakes head* NOT FUN. Our power went out promptly at 9:30pm, right as the winds started picking up. We got all the little ones down to the basement and we all watched an episode of Little House before coming upstairs to see what outside looked like. The wind was blowing like all get out, and we were commenting on the flying debris and tree limbs when Leia noticed the orange glow coming from the woods behind our house. NOT AGAIN. But yes. Forest fire. Hurrah. So that's when we decided to leave the house and head across the street to hang out with dear Ms. Brenda and her generator powered house. Do recall that it was past 10:30 by now. She was happy to host us, and we caught Simba (the kitten) and Elsie (the Pyr) and brought them with us. For two hours we hung out and chatted and drank chocolate milk and ginger ale....all the time listening to the raging wind and wondering if we still had a house. Praise the Lord we did. The fire went out around 12:30 or so, and by 1am we were all back home and in bed.

Our road, property and even in town were and are a huge mess - trees and branches and leaves and everything all OVER the place. Looks like a hurricane came through. Our house isn't damaged, just trees down by the driveway and lots in the backyard.

And now the power's still out, we've spent two nights at home with no AC and the heat's getting pretty bad. We're camping out in town tonight at our friends' where the power's back on - fridge, lights, outlets, internet. I'm plugged in again! *grin* A lot of our food went bad, but we've saved some. And now it's looking like we'll be getting our power back "by Friday". Oh, joy. At least we can practically live at the pool all day (like we did yesterday and today) and find a friends' house to crash at each night. It's just going to make packing for Nicaragua a little bit of a challenge, seeing as I'm leaving on Saturday. *gulp* SO.

Hope you all are well and safe! Reports are that this the worst power outage in our state's history, and that the winds on Friday night got up to 80mph in some places. Yikes.

Have a great week - stay cool and safe. I'll try to blog once more before I say adios to the US :)


  1. sorry about all that. Our power went out around 9:30 too, but it came on around 12 the next day. So we're back to normal around here. Maybe y'all can stop by and stay a night here...that'd be fun. :D


  2. Wow, sorry about that. I heard about all the power outages in our state and had filled up tons of containers with water, just in case. :P But praise the Lord, we never lost ours!

  3. So glad to hear y'all are safe! That sounds like a massive storm. :/ I'll pray that the power goes back on before Friday, so packing can be easier. Not fun.
    And I though not having AC in the top floor was bad...:(


  4. We're so blessed! Always. But I'm especially feeling it as I sit in the AC in my own basement and use the computer. Our power was out for about 24 hours, but it came back on mercifully in time to save our frozen goods (minus the ice cream which we took care of at lunch) and our sanity. I don't know what we would feel like now if it wasn't back on. Being on a well, we didn't have water, and had to run to the stream to haul it back in 5, 5-gallon buckets. Let's just say that we weren't reading Reader's Digest during bathroom trips. ; P What an adventure! I actually liked it -- very short-term.
    I'm so thankful to have power and all of us and ours unharmed. I'm praying for all of you powerless people!

    The Fourteenth-Asisstant Kitchen Maid

  5. I'm so glad y'all are safe! Praise the Lord your house wasn't damaged. Could you send some of that rain our way? It's been in the hundreds down here nearly every day, and our upstairs A/C has been having issues. :P On the bright side of things, we've been going to the pool a lot to keep cool, which is always fun. :)

    I can't believe you're leaving for Nicaragua on Saturday . . . crazy. Praying for you, sweet girl; I know it will be an amazing experience.

    Love you,

  6. Our power went out for about 48 hours, but thankfully we were able to bring frozen food to our grandparents who had power. So glad our AC is back (our house got up to 93 degrees!). We couldn't go to the pool (no electricity, so no pump).

    I can't believe your leaving on Saturday! That is AWESOME!