Wednesday, July 18, 2012

sunsets//a guest post by bree

ah, sunsets. so vivid and bright. the sun burns like fire against the hazy, darkening sky. perhaps an occasional cloud blocks your view of the sun, and glows pink around the clear-cut edges. 

the birds fly past, tweeting loudly and flapping their wings which appear to be glowing. 

sunsets inspire me in so many ways. inspire me to write about the beauty. to attempt to capture it in a photograph or a painting, though i know it won't exactly do it justice. 

and sunsets inspire me to love. the peace and beauty of a peachy, setting sun is perfect proof of a living God. a God who loves beauty, and a God who is the greatest Artist there ever was. and why does He create these masterpieces? because He loves us. 

doesn't that inspire you?

hello there! this is bree. i blog at tea & bree, and i graphic design at bree holloway//blog designs. i love God, dance, music, photography, writing, fashion, chocolate, coffee, tea, and all things pink. ;) come on over and visit me some time, and i'll serve you some homemade treat i found on pinterest, along with a cup of tea. :)


  1. Such pretty photos! Sunsets are unbeatable.

  2. There's something surreal about sunsets; something heavenly, something that makes me feel invicible, and still peaceful. And then to remember that He stretched out the skies and measured them with His hand, leaves me feeling so secure in the love of Somebody so big and so good.

    The Ordinary Princess