Sunday, August 5, 2012

back from who-knows-where

And Yours Truly is home! Golly, it's been a long time. Over a month, I guess, since I last posted. And if I don't actually finish this post and hit "publish" it could be a lot longer *wry grin* I'm notorious for not finishing posts...anyway.

So Nicaragua was amazing. eye-opening. meaningful. exciting. fun. slightly crazy. sometimes scary. a learning experience. While I'm *so* happy to be home, I miss it. A lot.

I do have pictures...sort of. If you recall, our power was out the entire week before I left, so we moved into a friends' house in town. I only went home for two hours the day before we flew out and couldn't find my camera anywhere. So I had to go without it. For the first few days I used Dad's iPhone, but then he left - phone in tow. After that, I borrowed Willa's (the gal who I lived with) camera and also used the cameras of a handful of highschoolers and team members from the various mission trips that came down to visit while I was there. So I have lots of pictures - scattered all over the internet via Facebook and email. And now I have to go round them all up. Oh, joy. So once I get them all accounted for, I'll give you the real Nicaragua "debrief" with pictures and all.

I've only been home ONE WEEK and already I've swum in my last swim championship, canned seven quarts of salsa (read: chopped countless tomatoes), helped run the house while my dad and sister were in IL for a business trip, spent a whole morning with a dear friend in town, traveled all the way to NC with my mom, sisters, aunt and cousin to spend *this* weekend with my grandmother...and since we've been here I've seen a professional performance of Guys and Dolls, spent a whole day at the Biltmore, walked to get ice cream "downtown", and stayed up till midnight watching Michael Phelps' last olympic swim - my childhood is now over. Yeah, all that in one week. I'll be home this afternoon, *hopefully* in time for my Bye Bye Birdie rehearsal....oh, how I've *ached* to be in rehearsal! Four weeks off....insane. It's worse than play withdrawl after the last performance. Oh, and my dear, dear, dear cousin Mrs. FTR and her husband (Mr. FTR :D) welcomed a sweet Baby FTR into their family on the 2nd - both mama and baby are doing well, and I feel like an aunt. Even though I'm still a cousin. Go figure. Obviously Jess's fault, for treating me more like a little sister than a cousin all these years :) Now I get to plan a Boston trip!!!!

Everything I mentioned above has a story, and lots of pictures. So, for better or for worse, Scraps is going to become "Jo's Life Journal" for a week or so as I unload it all on y'all...and then we can go back to my highly intelligent philosophical posts on the meaning of life and how to solve the world's problems.


ANYWAY. I'm gearing up for a relaxing, yet busy fall - lots of exciting things going on as my eighteenth birthday approaches :)

Love you peoples - thanks for sticking by me as I've successfully disappeared for a month :P

Oh, speaking of disappearing: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all my *wonderful* guest posters and blog babysitters for your support and help while at maintaining Scraps while I was gone. I loved reading your stories, I loved my welcome home post (*mwah*), and I loved that I had such amazing friends to step up to the plate. Once again, love you peoples!

Really going now...


  1. Whoopee, a post from Jo! *does a happy dance* It was a pleasure guest posting for you, but Scraps just isn't the same without its true authoress.

    I can't wait to read the upcoming posts, especially photos from Nicaragua. :D

    Love ya,
    Elizabeth Rose

  2. Eeep, you're back!! (okay, so maybe you've been back for a little while. but that still was absolutely necessary. ;D)
    Gosh, that's one busy week! Oh, and we stayed up pretty late watching him swim as well. They had to put the mens track & field before Michael Phelps? Really? Hehe. :)

    Yay for October! I can't believe it's only three-oh wait, two and a half-months away. Crazyyy. (as you see, I too am lacking in sleep because of NBC) :P

    love ya!

  3. I was at the Biltmore 2 weeks ago. Less actually. *bangs head on wall* WHY could we not have overlapped in NC! Argh.

    I'm glad baby FTR is doing well. :)

    And PLEASE don't delay in posting photos. I can't wait to see them. (Says the girl who started a blog so that family could see pictures and then never remembers that ostensible purpose of blogging.)