Tuesday, August 7, 2012

dolphin time!

i got home from nicaragua at 1:30am on friday, july 27. i fell asleep at 2. i woke up 6. we left for swim championships at 7. i worked as a team leader until 6:30-ish. we were in bed by 8. and up again at 6 for day 2. i got to just rest and watch the meet until noon. then i warmed up and my final jsl swim team championship began. it was a great meet - i improved my times by several seconds each event (yeah, *crazy*..dropped *four* seconds in 100m free) and enjoyed the time spent with my friends and teammates.

on sunday evening (29th) was our swim team banquet. potluck, music, dancing, trophies, paper plate awards, good times.
 it's baby! but she's not really a baby anymore...dear little Zu is now three. wow.

 leia with one of our friends from the pool

 yours truly with one of "my kids" - she says we're sisters and that's fine with me :)

 handing out trophies by age group - that's GoGo going back with his 

 my brother's the one in the red *grin*

 marie on the right...we have lots of friends :D

 love those trophies!

with my dear coach Brenna. who may not be coming back next year. *cries* but it's been an amazing few years getting to know her, and i was so honored to receive the Umdenstock Award - one of the two highest awards our team gives each year. i wasn't expecting it, and it capped off a wonderful year. 

and it's fitting to end with a picture of yours truly the very first year i did swim team:
i'm in the yellow cap

so that was *last* weekend....a post about *this* weekend is coming up - and then the long-awaited NICA post :D Stay tuned!

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  1. Aww, what sweet photos! I felt as if I were there. And may I also add that I didn't recognize Zu for about two seconds . . . she's gotten so big! I know I say that nearly every post, but it amazes me how fast she grows.

    Love ya, girl!

    Elizabeth Rose