Sunday, August 26, 2012

girls day out

This day has been long in the works - the girls have been talking about since before I left for Nica, and this morning we finally got to do it! Clara, her sisters, my sisters and I left from church, went and picked up the other girls and headed out for Christian's Pizza, a stroll on the mall and Sweet Frogs. Oh, and of course, we people-watched. You can't *not* people watch downtown, especially with all the new students moving in and their parents running around all that good stuff *chuckle* A splendid two hours of fun and fellowship :) I love my girls!
Amina and Marie at Christian's

Sisters! (Kiara and Clara)

Amina suggested we walk up and down for a while to let our stomachs settle and burn off lunch. Good idea. So we walked all the way to the pavilion and back - and of course then we were all tired and some of us had cramps. But it was all good *grin*

this is a free-for-all chalkboard/"graffiti" wall - everyone has to leave their mark! :D

And then the climax of the day: Sweet Frog - everyone's new favorite ice cream, pardon me, frozen yogurt place. :)

Khamilo and Shana

The handles were a bit tricky at this location...most of us ended up with more than we bargained for *hehe*

Khamilo got Bubble Gum ice cream with gummi each her own *grin*

choosing just three toppings...

.....can be sooo hard.

the whole gang (minus me, the photographer)
l to r: Khamilo, Amina, Kiara, Maddie, Catherine, Caroline, Shana and Clara

Just another lovely day in University Town! I love my life.


  1. Looks like fun! I love people-watching.

    ~ The 14th Assistant Kitchen Maid

  2. Christian's Pizza! Hands-down the best pizza place ever. (And I've been to lots.) :) And the mall is one of my favorite places. Isn't doing stuff with friends aweome? ;D