Wednesday, August 8, 2012

shoot bullets through me...i love you!

My grandmother's birthday was yesterday, and as a way to celebrate, my mom, all four of my sisters, my aunt and my cousin all went to visit her at her mountain home for the weekend. It was a short and sweet stay, full of excitement :) I'd never been to her mountain house before, so that was neat too. It's little and quaint, and wonderfully decorated inside of course. It was a bit of a tight fit sleeping wise, but that just added to the fun. I believe Titiana ended up sleeping on the screen porch :D

My grandmother lives in a sweet little town right on the border of North and South Carolina. We were within walking distance of the "center of town" and enjoyed exploring the different shops, stopping to get ice cream one night from one of the stores (which was half an ice cream parlor, half an antique store - go figure :P), and strolling the streets. It was beautiful weather too, I might add.

these were in one of the stores...soooo funny!

 For me, the real highlight of the trip came that first night, when my grandmother surprised us with an evening performance of Guys and Dolls at the Flat Rock Playhouse. The cast was made up of professional, real-life Broadway actors and actresses...part of the time I was just sitting there thinking, "I'm only yards away from folks who have *made it* on Broadway...." :) Needless to say, it was amazing. Some pictures of the show [all credit to Flat Rock Playhouse]
 "...Luck, if you ever were a lady to begin with/Luck be a Lady tonight..."

"And the people all said sit down, sit down you're rockin' the boat!"

the crapshooters' dance - these guys were amazing.

singing "Follow the Fold"
the actress who played Sarah had a beautiful, vibrant voice. it was a pleasure listening to her.

"Why it's good old reliable NATHAN!"

"It's the oldest established, permanent floating, crap game of New York!"

I came away spoiled rotten, I think, since I can't picture anyone else being a better Sky Masterson than the guy who was at Flat Rock. It'll be a tough act to follow...but I've found that's pretty much the case with any musical - the first cast you see live is always your "favorite" :D

Oh, FYI, the title of this post comes from the song "Sue Me" from Guys and Dolls. Nana, you probably already knew that, but in case anyone else was wondering :D

So on Saturday we were off to Biltmore for most of the day - great fun. That house is so grand, so huge, so beautiful - I only wish I could've seen it when it was still a private residence, in the peak of it's greatness. All the hustle and bustle, all the people, all the noise, but the quiet beauty of the mountains keeping it a retreat. 

oh, this reminds me SO much of Nica...

The kitchens reminded me of Downton Abbey - just because. Same time period. Different country. But still.

We ate lunch there - I got a delicious sandwich from the Bake Shop - and of course had to explore every single one of the giftshops in the carriage house. :) I didn't buy anything, but it was great fun. Actually, in the book store, they still carry the exact same pocketknives that my sisters and I bought last time we came...almost four years ago *grin*

The gardens are beautiful too - just we always seem to do them last, and I'm plumb worn out and so tired of walking that it's hard to enjoy them entirely.

We drove home on Sunday morning - leaving an hour earlier than scheduled due to Titiana and I pushing to get out so we'd be home in time for rehearsal that evening :) We stopped for lunch at Bojangles and I got a HUGE Cheerwine that I actually nearly finished. Scary :P And then another stop for McFlurries in Amherst....where, for some reason, the signs around the McDonalds and the menu were both in English and Spanish. Unusual...but I felt right at home :)

In case you were wondering, we *did* get home in time for a quick turn-around to rehearsal (my aunt so graciously dropped us off on her way home) and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my director and show-buddies for the first time since before Nica, and started the rather exhausting process of catching up on choreography. :S All good! Another rehearsal's starting to pick up now that the show is just about a month away!


  1. I didn't know that "Luck be a Lady" is from Guys and Dolls!

    Tell Titiana that I've always wanted to sleep out on a sceen porch. :)

    Isn't Biltmore amazing? I had forgotten how much I love being there until we went last month.

    Have you seen Downtown Abby? If you have, I want to ask you about it.

  2. What a darling little cottage! And what an awesome mansion! I'm going to look that up. I love the quotes; how funny. Enjoy your rehearsals. Choreography sounds so fun.


    The Ordinary Princess