Thursday, August 16, 2012

stories from nica - vol. i // where?

Now that I've been home almost as long as I was gone, I think it's time I started downloading some stories and pictures onto you all. *grin* For safety and delicacy's safe, I won't be share everything, I but I do have several posts lined up to give you all a picture of what I was doing down there.

Today I'm going to introduce you to the lovely city I was staying in: Granada, Nicaragua. I felt so at home here, because the atmosphere of the town and the people and everything reminded me so much of my own hometown. Something of Granada is part of me now - such a neat feeling.

Now for some specifics. This building below is the church that our missionary friends started. The front is pretty normal, just a normal house/complex on the street. Oh, the countless times I rode my bike up to the gate and one of group of boys sitting on the front steps would jump up to carry my bike up for me! And there were also the many times there was no one there, and the inside gate would be locked so I'd call "Buenas!" into the seemingly empty recesses of the building and one of the smiling faces of the cooks or jicaro workers or guards/custodians would come up to let me in.

[note: all pictures on this post were taken by my new friend Claire who came down with one of the AIM teams]

This picture was taken from the back of the compound, looking towards the main building (with the gate in the picture above). You can kinda see the street off to the right. That white tent thing is the working headquarters of the Jicaro Project on Mondays and Thursdays.

The House of Prayer. I'm thinking of one particuarly beautiful night sitting in here with my Dad, my friend David, and two visiting teams. We spent about an hour just worshipping with the guitar, singing through song after song. It was so peaceful. You could feel the Presence there.

The dormitories. Guys on the left, girls on the right, the bathrooms in that red metal structure down the path. I didn't stay here, but I hung out here *alot*. Countless hours in the hammock or sprawled in the rocking chairs talking about life with interns, friends and teams alike. This is the location of many a deep spiritual/life conversation, as well as one evening that rather shook up my view of modern teen Christians...I grew up quite a bit on this concrete "front porch" *wry grin*

Another view of the dormitories - like this one cause it shows the grassy spot where a couple of the "El Guayabo Team" members and I taught everyone else how to play Star Trip one night :)

Outside the walls of El Puente, there is the city itself. The streets of Granada. Full of cars and bikes and people and horses and dogs and everything inbetween. I biked down the road below everyday on my way home :) That yellow bank was quite a helpful landmark as I learned my way around :)

The cathedral across from the central park. I love the colonial architecture here. There are many, many churches in Granada - each very beautiful in their own way. It makes for pleasant background. Oh, and the bike shop is one of the shops under the slanting brown roof behind the cathedral.

Oh, yes. The animals. Roaming around. You have to get used to it really fast - I actually rather liked it, the idea that streets are for any creature, not just us :P Ha. It does have it's drawbacks though....

[the following pictures are from Pinterest]
This is "Gringo Street" actually has another name buuuut I don't remember what it is. *oops* Basically this is where the touristy Americans go to eat, drink and be merry. While I didn't do the former, I was quickly informed that this street is home to THE BEST gelato place I have EVER eaten at. THE BEST. Consequently, I ate more gelato than is healthy to in a three week period. In fact, it was one of the very last things I did while I was there. More on that in another post :)

So that's a little look at *where* I was - more posts coming on the who's and what's and why's *grin*


  1. Ack, it's gorgeous! I love the color of the chapel. <3
    Can't wait to see more!


  2. Granada looks amazing. I would love to visit someday. Although the animals would certainly take some getting used to. :P

    Love ya,
    Elizabeth Rose

  3. Ohh, how beautiful!! You must have had so much fun. I especially like that cute cathedral... (is it sacrilegious to call a church "cute"?)

  4. What a beautiful place! Isn't gelato amazing? My two favorite flavors are mint and chocolate.

  5. That place looks amazing, Liza. Can't wait to hear more! :) Seams like I haven't seen you in forever!