Monday, August 27, 2012

stories from nica - vol. ii // teresita

The nursing home was one of my favorite places to visit. I went with several different teams - each time was special in its own way. For almost eight years, my dad took all of us children to visit the residents at a couple different assisted living/nursing home communities in our area each Saturday - so this is something I'm familiar with and love. At "El Hogar de los Ancianos", the resident who became a favorite of mine was Teresita - the lovely lady in the red and yellow with me in the picture. Actually, she's probably everyone's favorite...but that's beside the point. She has a very defined fashion sense, and refused to let me paint her nails pink that day because it didn't match her outfit, until I pointed out that it matched her shoes, and voila! *grin* She also wanted us to take pictures of her "modeling"....oh, it was so fun.

The nursing home was also one of the hardest places to visit. While the nuns and nurses keep the place running smoothly, and give the residents very tender care, it's still a stark contrast to assisted living facilities here in the States.

We did our best to help everytime we went - dusting and mopping, serving drinks, washing dishes. A funny story: the last time I went, the AIM teams from Athens came too. Somehow I got designated (by a nurse) to mop the entire women's dormitory (which you can see behind Teresita and I in the pictures). I did do the whole thing - and was quite sore and tired by the end of it. I walked back into the courtyard with the dirty mop to wash it outside, and the others were just wrapping up their projects. One of the guys looked at me and said, "Wait, Liza, did you just mop that whole room yourself?" I wasn't sure what he was getting at, so I just smiled and said, "Yup! Sure did." They looked at each other, and then he replied, "Wow, 'cause it took three of us guys to do the men's room." SCORE! *chuckle*


  1. I wish I were better with elderly people. I geuss I should practice. They are usually so hungry for young people. Thank you for blessing them -- 8 yrs. is a lot of investment.
    I love the mopping story. : D

    ~ The 14th Assistant Kitchen Maid

  2. Thanks for another peek into this special time. Teresita sounds like a delightful person. :)

  3. Teresita sounds so funny! I would love to meet her. :)

    Bravo for mopping the whole floor! It looks huge.