Wednesday, August 22, 2012

two sisters. fourteen years. // part two

There's this thing I have that not many of my friends have in common with me. Many of my friends are homeschooled, many are Christians, many are swimmers, many are musicians, many are part of large families. But still, in my closest circles, I can only think of two of them who share this. And it may seem a little trivial, but it's something I've been wrestling with recently.

It's this thing of having a little sister who's 14 years younger than me. This thing of having a sibling (or two) who will always view you as a "grown-up". My cousin is 12 years older than me, and even though our age gap has closed as time goes on, I still remember thinking that she was an adult when she was our babysitter...before she left for college :D

As the past few months have unfolded, and God has shut doors and opened others, I'm starting to see that my time here with my family is probably going to look very different very soon.

So I'm very aware of how present I should be if I want them to remember me as a fun big sister - it's amazing what an impression those first few years of life have on the rest. So as I spin my towel-clad, just-about-thirty-pound, three-year-old baby sister around the room and hear her shriek "No, no, no!"and then laugh when I stop and she calls out, "Do it again!" I know I am making memories. Me and my baby :)


  1. My younger sister is only 10 years younger than me but I think I know what you're talking about. I know the gap will shrink as we grow up but right now I'm an adult and she is only 7. I have to really make time to actually spend quality time with her before she grows up!

  2. I've often felt that way about our Ava. Although, the age gap is smaller - only 9 years - I want to make sure that when I leave the house, she remembers me as a fun big sis. Which, I guess is a tad selfish of me, I suppose - I hate the thought of anyone thinking ill of me, but...yeah. :D I love my little Ava. ;D


    p.s. - Ava just came up to me as I was reading this, and wanted to say "hi" to Zu. ;P

  3. Caleb and I are also fourteen years apart, and I've struggled with this very thing. It's hard to realize that I might miss much of his childhood if I get married anytime within the next several years, and to know that he will probably always view me as an adult.

    However, this very feeling also helps me treasure the moments and do my best to make the best of however much time I do have with my little siblings. Lord willing, all of us will have fond memories of these precious years. :D


  4. Thank you for an awesome reminder to treasure the time with our youngest siblings. And for me....well I'm still trying to make up for the first 21 months of my sister's life she spent on the other side of the world! Sometimes I wish that she could have come home earlier, since there is already the age gap of 10 years between us...but God's timing is always perfect :)


  5. Guess what? More in commmon! I have a a sister 11 years younger than me, a sister 13 years younger than me, and a sister 15 years younger than me. (Not to mention the brother 17 years younger than me, and all the ones closer to my age, and the fact that I'm not even the oldest!). I know right where you are coming from: except I have no current prospects of leaving the house, so I forget all I have to lose if I do leave. It sure puts a damper on the thought of marriage.
    "My dearest Lizzie, I couldn't have given you away for anyone less." Blast it, I couldn't give myself away from this family for anyone less than the One.
    Have a jolly, school-less weekend. : P


    The Extra-Ordinary Princess