Monday, September 3, 2012


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So much of what we do in life is for the approval and affirmation of others. We'd like to deny it and say, "oh, I don't need anyone else's approval. I'm just being me." and hope everyone believe us, because the reality is that statement also is an attempt to have everyone admire us for how strong we are mentally - more affirmation, albeit silent. So yeah, I guess we are just a bunch of hypocritical people-pleasers who need to get a life.
It's not actually wrong to want the approval of others, just so long as it is not the all-consuming thought, and as long as we do not put our happiness and contentment on the line of whether someone approves of us. Because the reality is, the only approval we should be seeking is God's.
But there is definitely a time and place to encourage others, affirm their good qualities and gifts, and be a nice person in general. And here comes the Golden Rule: Do to other what you would have them do to you. If you want others to encourage and support you, you should encourage and support them.
Which brings me to the point of this whole thing. My dear friends Rachel and Sarah of Two's Company have given their followers a challenge: to comment on 50% of all blog posts you read between the end of August and the end of September. I think it's a brilliant idea, and I'm jumping in with two feet. I'm definitely guilty of reading a post and thinking "wow, that was great" or "oh that was cute" or "hey, i want to do that sometime" or "that was very well written" and then moving on without so much as a head-nod to the author. Just blowing past minding my own little beeswax. And that, my friends, is how blogs die. No one wants to talk to themselves. That's why we blog - obviously we think we have something to share and hear feedback why would anyone else be any different? So I'm going to challenge you, my followers, to jump on the bandwagon and start commenting! I guarantee you it'll be worth those extra thirty seconds :D


  1. *applause* Yay Jo! I like what you said... "That's how blogs die" because it is. Like it or not, if you're dealing with online friends, a least don't make them online imaginary friends. :P

  2. I read/skim about 100+ blogs a day on reader.. that would make for a nightmare in terms of commenting!! AWWWW!! But I do agree with you that comments make for much happier blogging...

  3. Yes, thank you! It seems like comments get fewer and fewer these days. I mean, if you think about it, it's just a little odd that blogs have say 100 followers, and get what - 2 comments on average? Even 1000+ follower blogs don't get 1000+ comments on their posts, so obviously someone (and by someone, I mean about 3/4 of our audiences) isn't commenting. And that's sad. But how can I expect comments if I'm not commenting? That would be rather rude...So yes, I think we all should comment more. :) It just makes blogging *that* much more fun.

  4. Rachel's idea was a brilliant one, and I'm so glad you've jumped onboard! I know full well that I'm just as guilty as the next blogger of reading posts and then leaving without so much as a one-sentence comment, and I hope to change that this month. :)

  5. Good Idea Jo! May I re-blog this? I will credit you for sure...thanks!

  6. I actually make it a rule with myself to comment on every blog post I read. Although, when I'm on my iPod, it doesnt usually happen, and also when I'm in a rush.
    Such a great idea, though!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

    ps-giveaway at my blog soon, take a peek?

  7. I am certainly guilty of not commenting enough, not giving the author the affirmation they deserve. This is a brilliant challenge, and I'm looking forward to it!


  8. That is a great idea. I'm always checking your blog to see the newest posts and I love them! So here come some comments. :)

  9. So true!...particularly the Matthew 7:12 thing. You should definitely expect a few more comments from me in the future :)

    P.S. By way of reminder, I think your blog's awesome, and I don't want to see it die. Keep it up!

  10. Excellent idea!!! I completely agree with what you said. I find myself doing that a lot. Definitely something I'll try to work on.

  11. Love it!
    Of course, I can be prone the other direction -- when the 30 second response turns into a 30 minute response. But frequency can be more important than loquacity.
    I don't want to commit blog homicide, esp. since your warning would make it like... second degree murder (I've been reading Business law, in case you can't tell). Anyway, thanks for the reminder.


    The 14th-Assistant Kitchen Maid

  12. a great post, Jo, and I agree... I fall into the same thing... I often read your blog and others, but fail to comment :(. So sorry about that!

    Thank you for sharing.