Thursday, September 13, 2012

one day more

ahh, so true.
Bye Bye Birdie opens tomorrow - a little scary considering how this tech week has gone. *wry grin* These shows always come together somehow....but no one has had to deal with a lead with larygitis before, so that's been a little stressful to say the least. Actually, it's been sad. Last night's rehearsal with just a handful of us in our director's basement was kinda emotional - you could feel the Black Box family rally and come around as we started re-learning whole songs so that the show can go on. After rehearsal, my friend Abbey and I prayed over Whitney - 'cause we know God answers prayer and He can do anything. But it's still crazy and I cried at rehearsal and dress rehearsal is tonight and AHHHH. Anyway. "So much drama!" It's theater, folks.

our director re-blocking a scene

the wonderful mothers/monitors/adult actresses

picture-taking session with Conrad himself
(dressed as Pharaoh from a previous production of Joseph - go figure. His jacket even says, "The King" on the back :D)


love this :) only in theater...homework and furry costume hats :)

my costumes *yay*

"Spread sunshine all over the place, just
Put On A Happy Fa-a-a-a-ce!"


  1. Can't wait to hear how the show goes. And I'll be praying for Whitney. Everything looks great though! I'm sure it'll go off with a smash!

  2. The show must go on! You can do this! :) And all will be well.


  3. Yep. this is going to be a great show once we work out the kinks! Probably one of the worst tech weeks I've had. But what would theater be without drama anyway? Thanks for this post though. I'm flattered to have made it on your blog! ;)

    ~ Abbey