Thursday, October 4, 2012


It's Thursday - #throwbackthursday on Twitter, Day 4 of the #fmsphotoaday challenge on Instagram, and Awkward and Awesome in the blog world - busy day! Haha. Anyway. Thought I'd check in, since it has been a good while since I made an appearance.

As you can see, I am home from Boston. It was a wonderful trip - lots of cousin talk-time, some sight-seeing, yummy food, Yankee accents and hours of holding-baby-time. All around fantastic. I took 200+ pictures, which I'm currently whittling down to about 50 (nearly impossible) for the upcoming blog post. Which I will finish tonight. Hopefully. And have up tomorrow. Maybe. Likely. Once again, hopefully. *cough* Oh, yes, for those of you who have seen me in the past month, I still have that cough. It's terrible. Anyway.

Onto the substance of this post! Some awkward and awesome tidbits of my life recently:

- being away from church family so long that when you come back all the conversations and inside jokes are about activities you weren't home for so you just sit there and smile and feel like an idiot
- not being able to find the headphone jack on the airplane, so you're just sitting there running your hands all over the arm rests and sides of the seat, even opening the tray up and looking around there - all the time trying not to look like you're doing anything...and then you see the jack is over by your ear. Whaaa? And mine didn't even really work that well - fuzzy and crazy static. Oh well.
- putting on a shirt inside out and not realizing it
- absently-mindedly picking off toenail polish in public....oops. *sheepish grin*

- my driver's license. Long time in coming, and a lesson in humility. But I have it, and it's wonderful! FREEDOM. Hmmm....*taps fingers* Where can I go next........?
- good hair days. I've actually had several in a row - which is a phenoma unheard of in my life to this point. Hopefully this is a good omen for the future.
- Michael Buble and Josh Groban. These two talented folksys have been serenading on my Pandora station for the past three weeks and I'm not sure I can listen to anything else. For the sake of time and your web browser, I will not put all my favorites in this post, but I've set up a playlist for the blog so you can hear them there =====>>>>>>
- unpacking my fall wardrobe. I've missed my sweaters and long skirts and fuzzy scarves to mix-and-match and play around with. Yay for October!
- thinking about possible birthday plans. After all, it is three weeks from today, and uncharacteristically of me...I have nothing planned. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Hmmmm....
- counting down the days until Katy-Anne and family are here in town again and I can see her face to face for the first time in three years...time flies, girl!

Well, folks. I'd like to think you want me to finish my Boston picture post, so I will say adios.

But since no truly Jo-ian post would be right without a show tune to top it off, I will leave you with this brilliant rendition of "All For the Best" from Stephen Schwartz's Godspell.
"Remember that when you get to heaven you'll be blessed! Yes, it's all for the best!"


  1. I was listening to Buble today. :-) Good stuff. Great post!

  2. Josh Groban. And Michael Buble. Also can't get enough of them at the moment. Especially Michael Buble - and I need to find out how to pronounce Buble. :P We listened to Cry Me a River and Just Haven't Met You Yet at least ten times each on our road trip. ;)

  3. {Kate} - It's pronounced "boo-blay." :)