Tuesday, November 20, 2012

off to massachusetts

"If you say, 'Come with me off to Massachusetts', then to Massachusetts we will go/We will buy dishes there, maybe even two sets/Buy the finest china then we'll dine awhile on crepes suzette..." - Little Women the Musical

So yes, we did go "off to Massachusetts" last month. And yes, it was my second time in less than four weeks. It was a little spur-of-the-moment, because even though we'd been planning to go for months, we did call the trip off for Hurricane Sandy - but after neither our town nor Boston got hit very hard, we left anyway after a 12-hr prep period. Gotta love a spontaneous 14-hour drive! Haha.

We stopped in Hershey, PA on our way up and toured the inside of Chocolate World. We also drove past Allentown, PA...which for all my Bye Bye Birdie (and Billy Joel, as Nana so aptly pointed out) fans has special significance :D

It was neat taking my family around downton Boston and showing them the different spots I had visited previously with Jess and Lily, although sadly the ducklings were covered up for some kind of maintence.

We spent two nights in Cambridge, and then two nights at lovely home up in Rockport - owned by a college friend of my parents. It was beautiful, and Rockport is *picturesque*. The house was large too, about 100x larger than our immigrant flat in Cambridge (inside joke - it wasn't *that* small. but close.) so we could all spread out. Rockport has streets and streets of classic touristy shops, and since it's the end of the season, everything was reasonable priced - so us girls had a little shopping spree. :) The ice cream shop was closing the next day, so they were giving away their "inventory". That means free ice cream for everyone, our kind of deal. *grin*

the picture on the left is for Brianna - showing her that you can live in the North and still be Southern. Except that the Confed flag up in MA probably means something different than it does down here :(

While in Boston we drove out to Minuteman National Park and Lexington and Concord. Minuteman has a *wonderful* visitor's center presentation - the best I've ever seen - so if you're ever up there, GO. Truly. And all the historic landmarks and exact locations of certain events left me with a sense of awe. Standing at the spot where a young minuteman fell, and contemplating that his death helped give me the life I'm living now. We are directly linked. He was willing to sacrifice his life for generations he would never meet. It made me want to be a better steward of my freedom. Would I lay down my life so a future generation could live better than I did? Even if I knew that not everyone would appreciate it? Powerful.

We also visited the Alcott family home in Concord. *pause* *insert annoucement* If I ever leave this state (other than my upcoming jaunt to Colorado for a year or so), the only place I would ever consider moving to was Charleston, SC. Now Concord, MA has been added to that list. *end annoucement* It's that sweet and lovely.

The house was charming. After watching all those Little Women movies a couple years ago (I just recently found out there's a 1970 version that we didn't watch - gahhhh!), I felt like I'd already been in Orchard House before...because, kudos to those set designers, they copied it almost exactly. Especially in the 1994 version. And it wasn't till after we'd left the house that I realized I did not take a picture of me with the house. I have pictures of the house, so does Maddie, but not with anyone in them. WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!?!?! Historic moment. Whateverrrrrrrrr. But I will savor my picture-less memories. And dream of moving to Concord - the only Yankee town I'd consider calling home. *wry grin and smirk at Brianna*
Orchard House. The real thing.

We ate Panera four times on our trip. It was just the only place we knew, loved and trusted in all the foreign territory *grin* Which led to hilarious text conversation about two days after we got home (note: I was texting from Dad's phone while he was driving, dictating to me *grin*)

It had been a long day and I don't think our joke went over very well. Oops. Hehe. Anywayyy...

The baptism, the whole reason we went up in the first place, was sweet. It was a priviledge to participate in, and I pray that little Lily will grow up to be a beautiful woman of God, attune to His will.

We were home by early, early Monday morning...so a good five day trip. And then Dad and I picked up and left for a short three-day trip to Colorado just a few days later. More on that in the next edition of Jo's Crazy Break Year Adventures.

So that was our family excursion up north! Exciting times.


  1. Ooooooh! I wanna go! Together someday?? ;) heheheeee.

  2. Hey this is where I live!=) In Sterling, actually, but I reconize several of the places in your pictures!=)

  3. WAIT! You are going to Colorado? Like, for sure?

  4. Sounds exciting and fun. I love the ice cream deal! I'm glad you all could go. Spontaneous can be the very best.

    ~ The Ordinary Princess