Saturday, December 1, 2012

saturday morning after opening night

Date... December 1, 2012
Starting time... 8:16am
Outside my window...sunshiney December day!
I'm thinking...about how I really want to post more often than twice a week.
I'm currently reading...The Challenge trilogy by Carolyn
I'm listening to...The Piano Guys' version of "A Thousand Years"
I'm wearing...uhhh, pajamas still. Hey, it's Saturday!
I'm looking forward friends getting off of college for Christmas so we can have some fun :D
I'm hoping...that my Aunt Elle has a baby girl. *grin* She's due in like three weeks.
Yesterday, I...did school with the little ones, did house chores, crosstitched a project for Ms Julia, gathered up all my stuff and headed out for Charlie opening night! 
I'm hungry for...nothing, honestly. Just not feelin' hungry this mornin'...
The song stuck inside my head is..."You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" from Annie...which is the show we're doing next! I was assured by a reliable source that I am going to have lots of fun and really enjoy being in I'm getting excited. Maybe they'll let me try out to be Lily....
I Black Box family, as crazy and weird and cute and fun as they are. 
I loathe...bad hair days. I might need to wear my beret today. *wry grin*
This week, my goal finish a birthday present for my friend...whose birthday was actually a week ago *oops*
Did I meet last week's goal?...I think so! Week's not really over yet when it comes to helping out...but Lord willing I'm doing well!
Picture(s) of the cross stitch project for Ms Julia. I haven't crosstitched in YEARS, and I got so excited to do it that I finished it in less than a day. It's for a quilt that the Reece's Rainbow family is giving the Dobrovits family in memory of their son Henry. Ms Julia asked me to help her with their family's contribution, and I was glad to do something.
Ending time...8:29am


  1. :) I gots one question was the opening night? :D

  2. Hey Jo! Love these "diaries". I started doing this this morning also, here it is at my blog, and I did a link back to scraps ( you are having a wonderful December!

  3. "Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" was stuck in my head last night too. I'm getting excited. I've missed plays so much!

    ~ Abbey