Thursday, January 24, 2013

akwrawd dan aemswoe // oklahoma! // 1.24.13

"So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath; for the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God. Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls." - James 1:19-21


  • not sure if this is awkward or funny...maybe it's awkward because I thought it was funny. Anyway, our friends' cousins just had their wisdom teeth out, and last night at church Jeremy was sitting holding a cold water bottle to his cheek (not funny) and eating a plate of shredded cheese (funny). And Ben was refusing to eat the pudding he brought with him because he said it would make him feel like those people in the NT who were still drinking milk (metaphorically speaking) and he wanted solid food. So he and Jere proceeded to try to eat chocolate chip cookies with their front teeth. (also funny). ANYWAY. None of this made me look forward to getting mine out this spring. *grimace*
  • my iPod falling out of my pocket while I was on the bike at the gym, and some random guy picking it up and handing it back. #groan
  • the front-desk lady at ACAC is our old co-op history teacher. And the other front-desk lady is the mom of our old swim team friends. What a small, awkward world.
  • getting on 250 the wrong direction on my way home. I HAVE LIVED IN THIS TOWN FOR EIGHTEEN YEARS. Why I am I still making these mistakes? LOL at me.
  • talking aloud to myself, practicing saying the "s" and "z" and "th" sounds correctly. I will conquer this lisp. Just how long will it take?

  • sprawling all over the kitchen with my five youngest siblings, teaching them lyrics to their auditon songs for Annie. (two more weeks!) I actually cried 'cause I was so blessed to be part of this family - and at the thought that all of us will be singing together on stage this spring. INCREDIBLE.
  • prayer time at church last night. I've also been blessed with a wonderful immediate/extended church family. 
  • it's snowing right now. And it snowed last week too. After last year's miserable fail of a winter, this season is off to a better start.
  • starting off the mornings at the gym before work. It feel GREAT to be swimming and working out again. I missed being sore and sleeping hard every night *grin*
  • the Newsies show songbook I ordered came yesterday! Hours spent at the piano ahead...
  • submitting my Ellerslie application, and setting up my phone interview. This is real, folksys.
  • Susannah can sing "One Day More" all by herself. Every part. (think Nick Pitera) Now if she'll just do it for the camera...
  • Reading books written by two dear kindred spirits - both of which were incredible in their own way. I have very talented friends.

Annnnnddd your musical talent for the week. 

As a point of interest, I liked Hugh Jackman before Les Miserables. And not for Wolverine. For Curly. Jackman completely changed my slightly negative opinion of the musical Oklahoma! with his one-of-a-kind interpretation of Curly. "Surrey With A Fringe" used to be my least favorite showtune in the whole wide world. Well, not anymore. So here's our his younger days *grin*

33 days till New York City!


  1. um...what lisp? Makes me think of Rilla, but I have never noticed you lisping.

    I've been watching Phantom 25 *again* and thinking about how awesome your trip will be. :)

    1. I have a minor lisp on my "s", "z", and "th" sounds. Actually, it's very much like Rilla's - not terribly noticeable, but WE know. ("we" as those who have it) It's more annoying to me than others - but it needs to be dealt with. :D

  2. I like your lisp! It's so cute. But I hope, for you, that you conquer it soon.

    ~ The Ordinary Princess