Thursday, January 17, 2013

awkward & awesome // talent spotlight

“Oh, the fullness, pleasure, sheer excitement of knowing God on earth!” - Jim Elliot
  • this whole week, frankly. In a good way, though. :P
  • epicly failing a "drum theory lesson" from a friend...and then feeling this crazy urge to practice on every tabletop/steering wheel/notebook/desk I come in contact with so that'll be better next time.
  • sitting at Sweet Frogs and my iPod randomly starting to play "Be OK" by Ingrid Michaelson...umm...sorry y'all, not sure what's going on here....
  • pulling up so close to the gas pump that I felt like an escape artist trying to get out - oopsy.
  • calling my Grandma instead of my dad...and trying to think of a good excuse for the mistake. Which there was none. I simply dialed her number instead of his. Just *not thinking.* But she didn't mind, of course. *grin*
  • getting a splitting headache from *sobbing* during Downton Abbey. Season Three. Episode Five. Be warned. I wasn't fit to be seen anywhere :P
  • goofing off doing my hair Lady Sybil style, drawing my eyeliner out farther than usual, and putting on heavier eyeshadow in the bathroom at about 10pm....only to have my Dad knock on the door to ask me something important...good thing he's used to this :P
  • getting the call this morning that my new little cousin was born a few hours ago, and he and his mama are doing wonderfully. Praise the Lord!
  • running into a long-lost friend at Sweet Frogs last night - made me wish we were all little again. Time flies, it really does.
  • my dad's friend Garth. He just is. And pretty soon I'll get to tell you why. Let's just say it has something to do with my trip to New York City, and knowing the right people.
  • spending time with the Samuels on random days while they were in town
  • singing praise songs with guitar, mandolin, and banjo around the bonfire with aforementioned family and their cousins (our friends from church). (with some John Denver, Les Mis, and Simon and Garfunkel thrown in there)
  • getting this blog back up on it's feet - and finding out that my dear, dear, dear, DEAR Eldarwen is back in the bloggy sphere also. SO exciting!
  • watching The Hunger Games for the first time. I have to say, the book is *much* better. I enjoyed the first half, but when the games started, I felt like everything was rushed, and the storyline and character development got lost. Oh well. Still a good movie.
  • Planning my New York City trip. It just gets better everyday. God is SO good. It's obvious how much of this is His hand - and He really cares about the little things that I love. Blown away.
  • Downton Abbey.
And, indulge me here folks, this is your talent of the week - the incredible Jeremy Jordan (Jack Kelly - Newsies Original Broadway Cast) singing "Sante Fe" (from Newsies) accompanied by Alan Menken. Just amazing.

Happy Thursday! What's made your week awkward or awesome?


  1. I think that's awesome you tried Sybil's hair. I was just wondering how she does it, it is so pretty! Let me know how it turned out ;)

  2. Had fun doing Sybil's style on Emma over the summer when we made our "downton spoof". :) If your crying over episode 5, you should go watch our'll make you laugh. :)