Wednesday, January 23, 2013

in the kitchen: korean.

Alicia is a wonderful young lady in our church who we love to spend time with. She also happens to be half-Korean, and an amazing cook. On Saturday night, she "taught" (let us help her prepare) us how to make a pretty impressive Korean meal. It was SO much fun - definitely worth the 4+ hours it took to prepare.

We went shopping at the Oriental market first.

It was…different.

yes, his shirt says "D'Artagnan" *grin*

At home, we chopped and washed and chopped and washed and chopped and washed and fried and sautéed and chopped and washed and chopped and washed and separated dough sheets for the spring rolls and chopped and washed and chopped and washed…good thing we had great company and great music *grin*

The spring rolls were incredible. I'd always just assumed that other than my grandma's amazing lumpia, I was going to settle for second best everywhere 'cause restaurant spring rolls/lumpia just aren't the same…but making our OWN….no looking back! :D

Probably one of most delicious meals I've ever eaten. And one of the most unusual *grin*

Thank you Alicia!


  1. Mmmm, it looks delicious! Y'all did a wonderful job! During the Olympics we made several international dishes, and on our Chinese night we made homemade egg rolls. They didn't involve as much chopping as your spring rolls did, but they were still yummy. :) Now I want to try my hand at spring rolls . . . care to share the recipe?

    Love ya,
    Elizabeth Rose

    p.s. Bree was standing behind me as I read this post, and with each photo she commented that she could picture exactly where you were in your kitchen. ;)

  2. Look at those plates - they're so colorful! That's one thing I love about Asian food. You guys did some good job chopping and prepping.

  3. This looks awesome! And like a ton of work. It's so rewarding to sit down to such an amazing meal after cooking it yourself. Oh...Oriental markets are the best (*gag*).;D

    ~ The Ordinary Princess