Monday, January 14, 2013

the crafty side: yoyo pins

I have hundreds of bobby pins. And I lose them all the time. Especially during tech week and show weekends. I can actually keep pretty good tabs on them otherwise - just one here and there. But I lose them by the DOZENS during shows. Fact of theatre life.
Anyway, I have bobby pins on hand currently to play with. And I also have lots of those little yo-yos that we all learned how to do about two years ago. (remember what I'm talking about?) They're the easiest, cutest way for me to get rid of fabric, so I have lots of them lying about. And then I was on Pinterest and saw THIS. And I thought, "Hey, I could do that with yo-yos!"

Here's how.

Make yo-yos.  Choose different colors, and cut your circles different sizes so you have different sized yo-yos. You can even stack them up so you have a little flower. Here's a link to a really awesome yo-yo tutorial if you don't know how to already. HERE.

Embellish. Add a button to the center with hot glue or sew it on - or like I said before, stack smaller yoyos on larger ones and tack or glue them on.

Glue. Run a line of hot glue from the center of the underside of the yoyo to the edge, and place the bobby pin (bumpy side down) on the glue. Hold it there for sec or two, and voila!  A lovely accessory to any outfit. And you can get *super* creative with it too - add ribbon, add buttons, stack three....the possibilities are endless!


  1. I have done those before...They are so simple, easy, and cute! I love them.

  2. Oh, this looks fun! Definitely need to try it out with all those spare recital bobby pins. ;)