Thursday, January 31, 2013

torpe y padrísimo // 1.31.12

  • dropping off a birthday present. only awkward because the person's birthday was in November. I have good excuses, but I won't bore you with them.
  • forgetting my boots yesterday morning when I left for ACAC, so I ended up having to wearing my gym shoes all day with my nice skirt and top. And I had to run a TON of errands too. Oh, well. I guess I looked like a classic homeschooler - long skirt, nice shirt....and trekkers. 
  • leaving my bathing suit hanging up in a random shower in the dressing room. And having to go back twenty minutes later to get it. Definition of awkward.
  • I stop paying attention to the music in the car, and forget to "bleep" the song we're listening to, and that one word you've successfully muted every time we play the song up till that point blares out and all your siblings are like, "Liza!?!?!?" great. "Sorry, y'all!!!!" Thanks, Newsies. :P
  • dropping food in my lap during our Wednesday night meal at church.
  • realizing the above point happens every week.
  • Dad texts, "Is Susannah in bed?" and you don't reply because you just remembered, so you run around and slap on her pajamas and read a story lightning speed and toss her in bed, then reply, "Yup!"….and he responds: "You didn't respond because she wasn't, right?" Yeah, yeah, yeah.
  • getting to hang out with Hannah, Jeremy and Ben one more time before H and B head back.
  • my wonderful prayer warriors who have been lifting me before the throne the past few days - you all are such blessings to me!
  • surprising Mom W at school to drop off her birthday present - and half the kids at the school looking at me with big eyes, since many of them know me as "Miss Liza", "Coach Liza", "Miss Morales" and various other names depending on where I know them from :P
  • wearing slouchy hats and berets - makes me feel artsy *wink wink*
  • the Anne of Green Gables theme song.
  • our new Hobbit calendar. It's hanging up beside our Downton calendar, so I get to see Mary and Matthew and Bilbo when I get out of bed :P
  • Ramin, Sierra, and Hadley. Just sayin'.
  • Annie auditions are in six days! So. Excited. Cannot. Wait.
  • my Ellerslie interview this morning, and getting accepted! Colorado, here I come!
  • Luke got a Hobbit hole Lego set for his birthday. pretty darn cute.
And two awesome points that need their own paragraphs:

My Aunt Elle had her baby! A little boy - John Jr. YAYYYY!!!! I'm so happy for them, this is been a blessing long in coming, and I can't wait to meet the little guy. They're calling him Jack...but since I already have a cousin named Jack, I think I'll call him John-Boy. *chuckle*

And today is our "little" Luke-E-Bub's 9th birthday. I can't believe he's so old now. Happy birthday, sweet boy! We love you! Hope you've been enjoying your special day - ice cream cake, cheese puffs, pizza, butter noodles, Legos, Battle of Britain and all! *grin*

*drumroll* Your talent for the week! Neil Patrick Harris(on) and Hugh Jackman during the 2011 Tony Awards. I love this little skit/medley-thingy - these two are crazily good. But I'll have to say, I agree with everything Jackman says :P Any show Neil can host, Hugh can host better…. *grin*

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