Wednesday, February 13, 2013

does the world REALLY need another love song?

While I think it's great that Valentine's Day is a time I can enjoy and be grateful for the love of my family and my Savior, it's also fun to daydream a bit about the day I (Lord willing) will spend this holiday with that special someone. And, as I realized the other day as I was nuttily chatting with +Sarah Heffington (and +Rachel Heffington too, through the former), a good many of the songs in my library are love songs - golden oldies, songs from musicals, and some pop in there too. So, in honor of the sappiness of this ridiculous holiday, here are some of my favorites:

your song by elton john
sweet. classic. simple. beautiful.

you belong to me from fireproof
the best love songs are ones that could be from/about God. the ultimate love story. and the scene this song is the soundtrack for makes me cry in a big way.

all i ask of you from phantom of the opera {sierra and hadley}
most beautiful love song in musical theatre history. period. no question. especially with these two.

because nothing says it like country.

i think i love you by the partridge family
this song never fails to put a smile on my face. classic 70s. fantastic beat.

everything about this song is beautiful. lyrics. piano. music. harmony.

love changes everything by michael ball
this. song. 

my go-to swirling in front of the mirror song *awkward chuckle*

top of the world by the carpenters
this one's for mama - 'cause she loves this song, and because of that, i love it too.

leaving it up to you by donny and marie
this song doesn't really make sense, but it's the Osmonds, and they're so cute and i love their harmony and their chemistry - and their outfits *grin*

another possible God song. the truth is, we only know what love is because of His example - and He is one who enables us to love. AND, He loves us more than anyone on earth possibly could.

i see the light from tangled
summertime, warm fuzzy feelings, disney sentimentality and all that jazz

aaaand…closing with the words of The. Musical.

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  1. I love this song, 'You Raise me Up' so much, and it is one of Mum's favourites...

    Also, having recently listened for the first time to the original London cast and the movie version musical of 'Les Miserables' on youtube, the words 'to love another person is to see the face of God' is even more beautiful now...
    I should really like to watch the movie when it comes out in dvd sometime, if I skip the not-so-good parts.

    I really loved 'Empty Chairs at Empty Tables' sung by Michaal Bell in particular :). Tears spring to my eyes when I listen to it... <3

  2. With out a doubt "all I ask of you" is my favorite in this list :-) such a fantastic song. It put a huge smile on my face when I saw I think I love you on that list! My mom, sister, and I love that song, and the little twin girls we babysit (5) know it by heart as well as "Chapel of Love".
    Tammy <3

  3. I love these! Probably my favorites on that list are "All I Ask of You" and "I See the Light". They are SO sweet.