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movie night: the african queen {1951}

The African Queen
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Since the last two Tuesday posts have been "on the shelf" book reviews, it's only fair that I do a movie review this week. Hmm…let's see….already done Hobbit, Les Mis, October Sky….ohhhh, yes, I know.

So my Dad is like me in many ways. Actually, make that, I'm like HIM in many ways, since, after all, he did come first. For example, he can be really cute sometimes, everybody likes him, he's really fun to be around, makes great breakfasts, never met a stranger, etc, etc.... *cough cough*


The other day, Dad decided to watch The African Queen on Netflix since it streams and he hadn't seen in a really long time and he really likes Katharine Hepburn. After he saw it, he told me that I would really like and think it was cute, but that probably no one else would. He was right *grin* Caroline sat with me for about a half hour, then went to bed, leaving Dad and I to finish it. (he was painting for a lot of the time too, so it was really just me)

It's all cheese, it is. But it IS cute, and quite funny, and Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart are brilliant, as usual. I laughed a good deal, raised my eyebrows a couple times when the story got a little silly, and accurately predicted the ending - a happy way to spend my evening. :D

Rosie. {The African Queen}
"Fancy me a heroine!" ~ Rosie Sayer

The missionary adventurer, the bachelor mailman - two fantastic roles from an actor's point of view. The best part of the movie wasn't the storyline (meh) but the hilarious love story. 

Humphrey Bogart, The African Queen
"It's a great thing to have a lady aboard with clean habits. It sets the man a good example. A man alone, he gets to living like a hog." ~ Charlie Alnutt

Cha-lie, dear. :DKatharine Hepburn
"A man takes a drop too much once in a while, it's only human nature."
"Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above."
The African Queen
"I never dreamed that any mere physical experience could be so stimulating!" - Rose Sayer
Humphrey Bogart & Katharine Hepburn in The African Queen (1951)
"Dear?... Dear?... What is your first name?" - Rosie Sayer
Verdict? If you're a classic 50s hollywood fan, and you don't mind a film with hardly any plot, but with great quotes and a sweet story - you should watch it. But if that's not your cup of tea, then this probably won't float your boat…literally. *chuckle* But I enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing the fun with me, Daddy. *grin*

giving this 3 out of 5 stars.

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